waiting for godot

Zoe and Charlie have a new little friend whom I am calling Godot. So far, I have not gotten a good picture of him. In contrast to the play, it’s Godot’s arrival that causes the waiting. He comes up on the deck, peers into the window and/or grabs some fallen seeds from the bird feeder, then dances up on the rail and away. Then the waiting commences.

By the large thud I just heard, I surmise that Godot has made an effort to get on the bird feeder and acquire his seeds first hand.


Squirrels and birds do not appear to like flour tortillas, in case you were wondering. I miss my raccoons and possums and skunks. What does one do with chicken bones in suburbia?

Today has been a gray day, feeling much colder than it really is. It has been one of those days that would be greatly improved by a fire, a good book and a nap. Instead, I made attempt #2 at peanut butter granola, listened to Stephen Frye talk about his life and edited a paper by a friend of mine to help with his French to English translation issues. The day is closing and I have no further observations for this week.


it’s a mystery


Some days my back says I must use the wheelchair cushion. Other days, it forbids that I even think about using the cushion. Some days Zoe says that the cushion is her’s.

Some kind soul sent me two place settings of my favorite fiestaware. There was no gift tag in the box and I would really like to thank whoever sent them. They are starting me on my way to a complete – and probably multicolored set. But please let me know who you are – privately if you prefer – and accept my thanks!

sunday tidbits

I thought that I would try something new (new for me) and set aside Sundays for small thoughts or comments that don’t always fit in a regular post. We’ll see how it goes.

I bought a new bird feeder for my deck – a very cute John Deere colored barn that holds, it turns out, the whole 10 pound bag of deck friendly seed. T didn’t know what deck friendly was – it’s seeds, nuts and berries without shells so nothing goes to waste and it doesn’t make a big mess on your deck or patio. I used to buy naked sunflower seeds but I think this is even better since it attracts a bigger variety of birds.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to take a good snap of it through the patio window…


The kitties enjoy sitting on their cat tree watching the birds up close. Charlie mostly sits on the bottom as Zoe smacks him from above. I’ve seen him on the top level but he is pretty easily controlled by her.


And as I was sitting here typing about birds I looked out the patio door and it’s freaking snowing! BIG honking flakes of snow. That wasn’t in my forecast!


And well, okay, by the time I snapped a picture and finished my phone call, the snow stopped and melted but that’s about the most snow I’ve seen this winter.

And I wanted to tell you about my wireless plan. As you know, I’ve been talking about getting a smarter phone and changing carriers forever, but I’m also trying to save money and even the plans that you re-load your minutes on are pretty expensive. Well I found a plan that was tailor made for people like me. For $20 per month I get unlimited talk, text and wifi data plus 1gb cellular data. What the phone does is connect to any wifi that you’ve used before in preference to cell towers. It will switch back and forth between them if it needs to but for someone like me, I use the phone mostly at home – where I have wifi – and while I may check email or messages when I’m out, I’m not streaming music or video. Last month I used like 5mb of my cellular data. Score! The only drawback is you have to use one of their approved android phones, at least for now, which does the switching thing that allows them to charge so little. Oh, silly me – it’s Republic Wireless if you happen to think this plan would be right for you.

Zen Koi, by the way, is my phone time waster. There is something very relaxing about swimming around eating those little fishies. And there’s no competition or stress with the game. You grow your fish, he ascends to become a dragon and you hatch a new egg. I suppose you could spend a lot of money if you were all anxious about having more egg or fish slots to collect the different koi, but hey, it’s supposed to be Zen.

So that’s our tidbits for this week.

good morning sunshine

Okay, I’m finally catching up with others and ready to create some posts of my own. I hope to get back into a posting routine. And I hope folks are still out there.

So let’s talk about the most important part of moving – the cats.

Honestly, one of the very most stressful things about moving day was worrying about being able to catch the cats and get them in their travel cages so that they would be safe and contained once the movers were there. I figured on catching Zoe first and that turned out to be pretty simple. She likes to hang with me pretty much wherever I am so I sat in the office and just waited for her to come to me. Shoving her in her carrier was more work than you’d think for a relatively tiny cat. She put up a fuss, yelling and fighting while I shoved – but in she went.

After the yelling and fussing, I figured Charlie would be hidden under the bed but no, there he was snoozing on the end of the bed. it was a simple matter of picking up twenty pounds of cat and holding him tightly with one arm while leaning on the walker and steering with the other. I didn’t want to bring his basket in with me and potentially frighten him into running. He was a lot easier to plop into the carrier since his carrier in a picnic basket type.

Two unhappy cats went into the laundry room where they could rest quietly in the dark while the movers compled around. So when everything was out of the house, two cats went with me, T followed in her truck with the coolers and other things that didn’t go on the truck and, of course, the moving truck. That was the longest distance I’ve driven in a long time. I thought I had timed the drugs right so they should be out of my system but — not so much. So it was a kind of stressful drive with me feeling not-quite-right, two howling cats and the realization that my driver’s license was expired.

But we got there! It’s maybe a 40 minute drive from Shell when you’re being extra careful since you’re probably a little impaired and your license is expired. Thirty minutes on a good day. An hour and a half going the other direction on a Friday evening in the summer.

Now I can share some pictures! We’re stuck with phone pictures which would actually be pretty good if I could hold the phone steady. Right now editing photos at the big computer isn’t gong to happen.

The most important new furniture actually came within days of moving in. Our new cat tree! Both cats like it and Charlie enjoys scratching on the scratching posts instead of my new sofa and chair. That’s a win for me. They both have explored it and Zoe in particular enjoys playing on it. She tends to smack Charlie from her perch if she thinks he’s going to try to get up on the tree. As long as he uses the scratching posts I don’t much care what else they do with it.


At first we put it in the corner of the living room. The other end of the room – by the patio door – was filled with clutter that hadn’t found a home yet.


Before we could move the cat tree, some of the stuff that belongs on the walls had to get put up – you know, so they weren’t on the floor anymore. J came by Wednesday afternoon to do that.


Getting stuff up and moving the clutter enabled me to move the lappie out here to the living room so that I can more easily type and post. I’ve ordered a dining table so we’ll change out the folding table soon.



Which means that the cat tree is now at home in front of the patio doors. There is a heating vent right there making it a little tricky but both cats really love its new placement where they can look out the window and survey their domain. Of course, Zoe still owns the tree but Charlie still owns the scratching posts so all is good in our world.


Charlie still avoids photos as much as possible. Here is a bad picture of him in one of his favorite sleeping spots on the back of the sofa (which is the reason for the afghan). He really had me worried for a while. Zoe adjusted pretty quickly but Charlie spent a couple weeks under the bed, refusing to eat. He’s back to more his normal self although he still heads under the bed at the first sign of trouble. At least he is coming out to see T when she is here again, and eating.


some changes and explanations



Oh, where to start? I really didn’t intend to pause this long. One of my goals this year was not to whine but I suppose those friends who have stuck around might want to know what’s going on. Last January I had a sudden, extreme pain in my back which was probably a disc slipping/herniating/rupturing. Something beyond the arthritis or fibro at any rate. Pain has gotten worse. I can’t sit or stand or lay down comfortably. Nothing has really helped. I start physical therapy soon and perhaps that will help. But that, along with the sorting and packing and all, is much of what is keeping me away from the computer.

The blogs are moving. This one will be at https://zazamataz.wordpress.com/ – already is, actually. Chickens and Eggs is now at https://chickenseggs.wordpress.com/ I can’t justify spending money I don’t have to maintain a private domain for these little blogs, blogs that are for the most part inactive anyway. Maybe one day I will move again but for now, I’m moving to free hosting. There will be less customization and my project pages will disappear.

The picture is Charlie on my walker. He has never done this before and suddenly, there he is, hoping up on the walker like Zoe. Zoe, on the other hand, is sleeping in Charlie’s bed. Cats are just weird, aren’t they?

The house hasn’t sold. We did get one low-ball offer with ridiculous contingencies but my brothers and I decided to pass. Our realtor really pressured me to take the offer which makes me not so comfortable with her. She is in the process of moving herself. Probably I’ll find a new realtor once the contract is up. I’d like to wrap up the probate but I’m not looking forward to moving in my current physical state. Bah.

I will update when I can. I miss the interaction.