sunday tidbits

I thought that I would try something new (new for me) and set aside Sundays for small thoughts or comments that don’t always fit in a regular post. We’ll see how it goes.

I bought a new bird feeder for my deck – a very cute John Deere colored barn that holds, it turns out, the whole 10 pound bag of deck friendly seed. T didn’t know what deck friendly was – it’s seeds, nuts and berries without shells so nothing goes to waste and it doesn’t make a big mess on your deck or patio. I used to buy naked sunflower seeds but I think this is even better since it attracts a bigger variety of birds.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to take a good snap of it through the patio window…


The kitties enjoy sitting on their cat tree watching the birds up close. Charlie mostly sits on the bottom as Zoe smacks him from above. I’ve seen him on the top level but he is pretty easily controlled by her.


And as I was sitting here typing about birds I looked out the patio door and it’s freaking snowing! BIG honking flakes of snow. That wasn’t in my forecast!


And well, okay, by the time I snapped a picture and finished my phone call, the snow stopped and melted but that’s about the most snow I’ve seen this winter.

And I wanted to tell you about my wireless plan. As you know, I’ve been talking about getting a smarter phone and changing carriers forever, but I’m also trying to save money and even the plans that you re-load your minutes on are pretty expensive. Well I found a plan that was tailor made for people like me. For $20 per month I get unlimited talk, text and wifi data plus 1gb cellular data. What the phone does is connect to any wifi that you’ve used before in preference to cell towers. It will switch back and forth between them if it needs to but for someone like me, I use the phone mostly at home – where I have wifi – and while I may check email or messages when I’m out, I’m not streaming music or video. Last month I used like 5mb of my cellular data. Score! The only drawback is you have to use one of their approved android phones, at least for now, which does the switching thing that allows them to charge so little. Oh, silly me – it’s Republic Wireless if you happen to think this plan would be right for you.

Zen Koi, by the way, is my phone time waster. There is something very relaxing about swimming around eating those little fishies. And there’s no competition or stress with the game. You grow your fish, he ascends to become a dragon and you hatch a new egg. I suppose you could spend a lot of money if you were all anxious about having more egg or fish slots to collect the different koi, but hey, it’s supposed to be Zen.

So that’s our tidbits for this week.


r is for roses

roses 1

You would think with all the pictures of flowers Dad took, he would have taken more of the roses. We don’t actually have any roses left. I had my lawn guy take out the last of the poor dead roses last summer. But they were pretty in the past.

That picture looks up the side yard toward the road. The lower part is where my garden used to be. I might get some flowers planted to help the house look prettier. The azaleas are pretty for now and the hydrangeas are coming. Not much else left, which is rather sad.

Roses were always big in our gardens. Dad used to get some trial roses (not sure what they’re really called). They send you the rose plants and you’re supposed to send feedback. I don’t think he ever actually counted the rose petals and whatnot. I wanted to name one of them the Barry Manilow rose. What can I say, I was thirteen.

My favorite rose in the yard in KC was called a Tropicana. It was a gorgeous orange-peach color with some red toward the heart. Sort of. There are pictures….. well, slides. So you can’t see it. Maybe someday.

And actually, these aren’t the roses I wanted you to see anyway. When I can get upstairs again I will post some photos of those roses. Prepare to be amazed. I think I might plan it for W day.

roses 2

Note: The site has been down all day. Apparently a problem with one of the plug-ins. Tomorrow or Saturday I will be mucking around trying to figure that out.

l is for lilacs

lilac festival

You know it’s funny. When the dogwood bloomed I was certain that was my favorite flower ever. And then the azaleas bloomed. But then… I discovered a lilac tree/shrub in the front yard. I mean – what? I’ve lived here much longer than planned and I visited before that and I never saw a lilac in the yard. I love lilacs! They are my favorite!

I don’t know where this little lilac came from. Perhaps lilac seeds blew in from somewhere else or a bird or critter brought some. It’s in an area of the yard that I can’t get to so I will send my young friend out to take a picture – and cut me some lilac branches – tomorrow. (Or later today if you’re reading this Friday.)

We had a lilac tree in Kansas City. Apparently Dad trimmed it because until I moved to Cody, Wyoming, where I had giant overgrown lilac bushes on three sides of my little house, I always thought they were trees. It’s possible that I have a picture of them somewhere and maybe I’ll find that too. Can’t say that I remember a picture of the tree in KC. Probably there’s one somewhere. But that’s not the point. I love lilacs and seeing that little tree just fills me with memories of cutting branches as a kid and the sweet aroma filling the house.

Dogwoods mean spring but lilacs are summer. It’s nowhere near summer yet but that little scraggly lilac tucked up near the road in the front yard just shouts that summer is coming.


Here are a couple shots of our little scraggly lilac tree. The flowers are more purple than these appear but it was not a great day for picture taking.

lilac branch

lilac bush

Oh. Kay.

azaleas 2

K is not for azaleas. Maybe it should be. Perhaps it’s really spelled with a silent k?

I could not think of a single k. Several not-ks. We’re continuing to pack and I never cease to be amazed at what we find. Some very strange things. But do you think we found anything to represent k? Of course not.

But oh, aren’t the azaleas beautiful?

front of house

d is for dogwood

dogwood 2016

It isn’t spring until the dogwood blooms. I have a certain amount of anxiety about it. The tree had buds quite early and we had a couple freezes after that. Then it blooms but the flowers are a kind of dirty yellow at first. Will we get a big thunderstorm that knocks them all off before they’re fully realized? That happens some years.

This year, the dogwood came into full beauty just in time for the “D” post in the A-Z challenge. Good timing dogwood!

dogwood 2016 c

Wherever I end up, I’m going to plant dogwood trees. It just wouldn’t be spring without them.

dogwood 2016 b