it’s a mystery


Some days my back says I must use the wheelchair cushion. Other days, it forbids that I even think about using the cushion. Some days Zoe says that the cushion is her’s.

Some kind soul sent me two place settings of my favorite fiestaware. There was no gift tag in the box and I would really like to thank whoever sent them. They are starting me on my way to a complete – and probably multicolored set. But please let me know who you are – privately if you prefer – and accept my thanks!


4 thoughts on “it’s a mystery”

  1. Fiestaware is pretty. All the colors. Lucky you, good on whomever.

    Zoe on the cushion reminds me of a series of mystery books I used to read– something like the Southern Sisters? Anyhoo, one of the sisters had an old cat who lounged on a heating pad that the sister had put on the kitchen counter. If you don’t watch out I can see you doing just that for Zoe!

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    1. Zoe’s heating pad is on the bed. 🙂 Come to think of it, I haven’t had our warming blanket on the bed for the cats lately. They are too happy sleeping on the back of the sofa right now.

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  2. It wasn’t me! Don’t you hate it when your body bosses you around? I sure do. A week or so ago I pulled a muscle in my neck and couldn’t turn my head very easily. I felt about 100 years old! The embarrassing part is that I have no idea what I even did.


    1. Oh I hate pulled muscles – especially in the neck! You can’t help but keep turning your head and every time you do – ouch! I hope you are feeling much better today.


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