sunday tidbits

I thought that I would try something new (new for me) and set aside Sundays for small thoughts or comments that don’t always fit in a regular post. We’ll see how it goes.

I bought a new bird feeder for my deck – a very cute John Deere colored barn that holds, it turns out, the whole 10 pound bag of deck friendly seed. T didn’t know what deck friendly was – it’s seeds, nuts and berries without shells so nothing goes to waste and it doesn’t make a big mess on your deck or patio. I used to buy naked sunflower seeds but I think this is even better since it attracts a bigger variety of birds.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to take a good snap of it through the patio window…


The kitties enjoy sitting on their cat tree watching the birds up close. Charlie mostly sits on the bottom as Zoe smacks him from above. I’ve seen him on the top level but he is pretty easily controlled by her.


And as I was sitting here typing about birds I looked out the patio door and it’s freaking snowing! BIG honking flakes of snow. That wasn’t in my forecast!


And well, okay, by the time I snapped a picture and finished my phone call, the snow stopped and melted but that’s about the most snow I’ve seen this winter.

And I wanted to tell you about my wireless plan. As you know, I’ve been talking about getting a smarter phone and changing carriers forever, but I’m also trying to save money and even the plans that you re-load your minutes on are pretty expensive. Well I found a plan that was tailor made for people like me. For $20 per month I get unlimited talk, text and wifi data plus 1gb cellular data. What the phone does is connect to any wifi that you’ve used before in preference to cell towers. It will switch back and forth between them if it needs to but for someone like me, I use the phone mostly at home – where I have wifi – and while I may check email or messages when I’m out, I’m not streaming music or video. Last month I used like 5mb of my cellular data. Score! The only drawback is you have to use one of their approved android phones, at least for now, which does the switching thing that allows them to charge so little. Oh, silly me – it’s Republic Wireless if you happen to think this plan would be right for you.

Zen Koi, by the way, is my phone time waster. There is something very relaxing about swimming around eating those little fishies. And there’s no competition or stress with the game. You grow your fish, he ascends to become a dragon and you hatch a new egg. I suppose you could spend a lot of money if you were all anxious about having more egg or fish slots to collect the different koi, but hey, it’s supposed to be Zen.

So that’s our tidbits for this week.


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  1. That phone plan sounds so tempting, but it wouldn’t work for our three on the family plan, and how much data my kids love to use. (especially Alison) That is a lovely bird feeder and your new place is looking comfortable and homey.

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    1. Yeah, the phone plan is tailor made for me but wouldn’t work for everyone. It’d probably be great for just you but with all three of you on a plan it’s not our best bet.

      The place has it’s moments of feeling homey – then I get all stressed and neurotic. You know the thing that makes it most like home? That the corner shelf was part of my home since I was born. And the blue cupboard and shelf were made by Dad. And Mom refinished and caned the ladderback chair. And she made the afghan on my sofa. And painted the china in my cupboard. So much, well really all the important things were made by Mom or Dad and I even have a few things made by my brothers. Sure, I will feel more relaxed and at home when all the furniture is in and I have things where I want them (and I thin out the herd of cows) but the things that will make it home are all the little pieces of my family.


      1. You are absolutely right. The things that connect you to “home” are related to your family. My bedroom has been heavily changed but I still have the bed frame and bookshelf that Patt made, as well as the pictures that were on the walls when he was still alive.

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  2. I couldn’t tell you a thing about our cell phone plan. I don’t understand any of the gibberish about what these smart phones do or how they do it or when they do it. It’s all Greek to me [like they used to say]. And the thing is, I don’t care to learn about data plans because I’m indifferent to smart phones. I forget I have one for days on end. Then the darned thing makes some noise and I have to go find where I left it. Very annoying.

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    1. I get that Ms Bean! That’s why it took me so long to make a decision about phones and plans and carriers. I wanted a phone that works as a phone. I don’t have a land line anymore and due to health stuff, I have to have the phone near me at all times. Like when I fell down the ramp a few weeks ago. You almost have to have the ability to text these days – witness the auction guy who couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t returning his texts last summer. Mmm, because my phone doesn’t text? And trying to figure out data plans when I doubt I will actually use much data? It’s like trying to get a degree all over again. This one works for me and I thought I’d share it in case someone was looking. I like saving money. 🙂

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      1. I like saving money, too. We just picked the cheapest one at Verizon and walked out the door. Yours is probably better, but I’ll clip a few more coupons to make up the difference in savings! That I understand how to do. 🙂

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