in which I will end up feeling stupid

Well, I continue to work on making this house a home. A lot of the time it doesn’t feel very real. I think perhaps I need some goals – something to be moving toward. So much of the last decade has been sitting around in my little boat, sometimes complaining, sometimes searching, but I don’t feel like I’ve moved forward that much. Perhaps that is just life, eh? What did you dream of when you were a kid? Are you where you expected to be? Where do we go from here?

But for now, working on the home thing.

It’s really kind of funny, I used to collect cows and when I moved the last time, I got rid of most of my cows. In my head, I had just a few that I really loved left. However, when I unpacked them, I had this whole corner shelf filled with cows. Plus more I repacked in a “possible garage sale” box. And then, I found another box of cows – mostly plushies. I guess I will have several boxes of things to possibly sell or give away. We’ll see how much when I get everything unpacked.


I have put the irreplaceable hand painted forget-me-not set in my blue cupboard as planned. Plus a few knick knacks. I’m not sure those are the ones that will stay there. On top will go the platter and coffee set that match.


The blue shelf became overly filled with mooses. I’ve taken down the Christmas mooses but there are still too many mooses. I was the one that started collecting moose. Then my parents decided they liked them too. Now I have both collections. And not enough space. Ever. I can’t find my fish yet but I have some fish and other things that will break up the moose. Perhaps I will have to rotate things. I have a crap ton of snowmen to come out next Christmas.


My helper’s grandfather is ill this week and in hospital. I took myself to the store yesterday and survived. It was a bit more difficult not having help but I did it. It’s good to know that I can if I need to.

Oh, does anyone have a garage door opener? Shortly after I moved in, T and I went out and when we came back the garage door was open. Could not figure out what had happened as I was a little concerned that someone around here was cloning the opener frequency. But then, yesterday I paused in the drive while it was going down. Then when I started to back out, I looked up and the door was going up again. No apparent reason but it stayed down the second time. Ideas?

Now I am going to feel a little be dumb. Hannah asked me to make a wishlist for housewarming gifts. I have had one going on Amazon, adding and taking away things as I got a feel for what I need here. Or just want. Please don’t anyone feel like you need to buy me presents but I remember a few folks who wanted the list, so here you go…

Amazon, by the way, should provide you with my address and promises not to spoil my surprises.

Housewarming Link:


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  1. I have decades of experience with garage door openers. Ideas: check to make sure there aren’t any spider webs or dust bunnies lurking around the garage floor near the garage door opener light doodads. Make sure there aren’t any dried leaf bits that have attached themselves to the light doodad bits. Make sure light doodads are perfectly aligned to meet each other’s gaze. Make sure that the cord thingie that hangs from the top of the garage door apparatus is able to lock into place up there. Make sure that the batteries in your remote and/or wireless punch in thingie are working. Check to see if the vertical metal pieces that hold the garage door in place are clean. Use WD-40 to clean them if not. Also the rubber bits along the edges of the garage door itself can wear out, so make sure they’re in good shape. That’s all I got!

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  2. Ally Bean covered the garage door issue. In my case, it used to do that sometimes when the weather was cold. Our garage door used to be wood and it got wonky in the cold weather. The bolts loosened too. I doubt that I’ll get you that full size moose, my friend. 😉 But most of the list is doable.

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    1. I didn’t notice it when I looked at the house but my garage door is fiberglass. Needs to be replaced but boy are they expensive. No moose? T suggested we build a track for it and run it in and out of the garage!


    1. Hi Gabe and thank you for stopping by. This whole home thing is a new experience for me. First time owner and all that and I still find myself worrying about whether it’s okay to put a nail in a wall. Not to mention being the one responsible for fixing said hole if I mess it up. I think I’ve also started moving toward a more minimalist mindset than previously and digging out all the stuff I’ve had in storage for years is making me anxious. I see a garage sale in my future. Best of luck with the oreos.

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