no news is boring

I had hoped to have news, which is one of the reasons I’ve put off writing the last few days. Perhaps tomorrow.

Let’s see, we started looking at houses almost two weeks ago. Wow. Turns out that houses in my price range may look good online but in person, they are awful. A couple we didn’t even bother going in to look around. One, we opened the door and were nearly knocked off our butts by the mold and mildew smell. That particular house had the most peculiar island situated barely a foot from the cabinets. You couldn’t have opened the drawers or doors. Turned out that it was a bizarre trap door to the “basement.” The inside of the lid was covered with black mold. You’d have to be insane to buy it unless you planned to tear it down.

Another had a closet sized second bathroom that my walker wouldn’t fit through the door, and if it had I still couldn’t have moved around in it. It had a newish looking cooktop that didn’t work and no oven anywhere. Plus every door in the place was beaten up and needed to be replaced. Still another had old wooden windows with gaps between the window and frame.

So I had to move out of my price comfort zone. One just needed too much work. One, the house beside it and the one across the street were probably abandoned before being foreclosed on – apparently there’s a water issue there. But I did find one I liked. It has been well maintained and has a new gas cooktop and wall oven. The bathroom is nice and the floors are all original hardwood. It will need a ramp in the garage but it’s a large garage with plenty of storage.

And then started the arguing about price. The seller thinks it’s worth more per square foot than other houses in the area that have been updated. We supposedly agreed on a price but I have not got the contract back from them yet. And of course, if they have signed it still needs to be inspected.

Climbing up the two incredibly tall steps in that house laid me out for most of the week. At least i think that is what caused it. I’m back to my normal level of pain. I’m on the too stressed out to eat diet which is possibly a benefit.

I will write more when I find out more.

UPDATE: Well, we’re under contract. The inspection is Tuesday and I guess I’ll know then whether we’re going through with this. I’ll be really disappointed if there are major problems. I really don’t want to continue house hunting. It isn’t as fun as I’d hoped.




4 thoughts on “no news is boring”

    1. I’m hoping for good news later on tonight. My realtor was apparently out of town yesterday. That I’m eating at all is a miracle given my meltdown on Friday. I kept bursting into tears because I wanted to call my mom.


  1. I’m so late replying! Did the inspection go OK? I fully understand about wanting to call your mom. That still happens to me occasionally and my mom has been gone since 1997 and my dad since 2005.


    1. The inspection was mostly okay – some small stuff like needing sealant around where pipes leave the house. But the electrical box needs upgrading as well as some wall outlets. The wiring appears to be modern and I don’t get why they didn’t change out the old fuse box when they upgraded the wiring.

      It’s hard, isn’t it, when big life events happen. I remember my friend Helen whose mother died when she was around eleven and how hard it was for her when she got married to not have her mom there. I reach for the phone to call her now and then – this time was a total meltdown. Maybe because I’m so stressed out about everything.


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