oh. my. word.

Two months and I haven’t written a word. I wonder if anyone will even find me over here. Ah well, I’m here now.

When last we visited, I was writing about my back pain. Physical therapy got delayed and my pain got worse until I just gave up trying to stand upright. It’s hard to explain but there’s this odd little catch in my back that makes me scream when I try to push it past a certain point. And it turns out that while walking bent over my walker is not a long term solution, it decreased my pain significantly. I think not irritating that nerve all the time decreased the inflammation.

PT finally got going and helped with some flexibility but still didn’t allow me to stand all the way upright. I can get almost vertical but almost vertical is a nearly impossible position to try to walk. So walking hunched over I still am. Not ideal.

I failed an MRI. I don’t think that anyone got just how claustrophobic I am. A couple of Ativan did nothing. I just had a CT scan this week so we’ll see if that gives them enough information. The general consensus is that it is likely an impinged nerve and might require surgery. It might be able to be treated with an injection to kill the nerve or nerves. That sounds marginally better than surgery.

I spent two or three weeks laying down most of the time. Once we made some changes in my medications, I was able to get moving again but it turns out I had to develop sitting tolerance again. If I have a bad day and rest too much, sitting is harder the next day. It’s fun.

And now the irony.

I accepted that the house just wasn’t going to sell before winter… And who in their right mind would come down here looking for houses during the winter? I thought I’d just take it off the market for a while if I needed surgery.

And so it immediately sold. I haven’t gotten the official paperwork back yet but presumably we’re under contract. They wanted to close December 16th and when I stopped laughing, we offered January 9th.

I have some packing and cleaning to do downstairs. My young friend will help me and I think that is the least of my stress. It’s more that there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday in between. In the space between holidays I need to find a house, get it inspected (and hope it’s okay), hire movers, do all the utility whatnot, and deal with the health stuff. My new realtor and I are going to look at some houses next Tuesday. I hope I find something I like quickly and everything goes smoothly. Is that just wishful thinking? Perhaps.

But one day at a time, right?

I am, if you haven’t noticed, way behind on other things. I am reading other blogs but rarely commenting – it’s part of the whole sitting up for long thing. But I’m doing some better and I hope to be around more – also I want to get back in the habit of writing. To wit, I have a vague plan and I need some help.

I will update medical information perhaps weekly but I don’t want to write about it all the time. It’s not that interesting. Still, I should probably keep my bloggy friends informed so if I disappear briefly, no one worries.

I’d like to try some memes or prompts which I will likely steal from other blogs. Things like 5 random things Sundays. Ideas – this is where I need help. I need ideas. I need to get back into a writing routine. Writing is good for me.

Nice to be back.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a bit frustrated with WordPress. It transferred everything the way it said it would, but it didn’t change the image links, or at least not all of them, so many images are dead links now. I may get around to fixing them over time but there are far, far too many posts between the two blogs for it to happen very quickly. Perhaps I’ll use it for sitting tolerance exercises. 🙂




10 thoughts on “oh. my. word.”

  1. Well I do have no end of ideas. 🙂 Just a bit limited on time at this exact moment, we are heading out to look at cars. I will bookmark this post for later though!

    I’LL BE BACK. 😉
    (imagine it with the Arnie accent, kthx!)


  2. I found you! So sorry about your pain issues but way-to-go on getting the house sold! Weekly updates — on both — encouraged. I muse almost daily about blogging but I never blog. I even take pictures with that vaguely in mind. What’s up with that?!


    1. I don’t seem to get around to taking pictures lately – or to write but I promise I’m writing in my head! Anyway, perhaps you should send your pictures to me. 🙂 Good to see you, glad you found me.


  3. That does give me an idea…Pinterest and Instagram exist for a reason. Mostly pictures, very few words. Maybe I’ll post my pictures there. But they are sooooo boring! And random. And quite often pointless. Ah yes, just like 99% of the Internet, right?


  4. Hey there Zaz! I found you. Sorry to read about your back problems, but happy to read about your house sale. Or I hope there’s going to be a house sale. Will wait to find out the rest of the health + home story. Take care, ok?


    1. Hey Ally! Good to see you. It looks like the sale is going through though the title company is being odd. I seem to have bought a house, too. Or will have soon. I hope to write about all this soon.

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  5. I have finally found you! I hope you didn’t feel ignored. I will try to put you on my feed. What a shitstorm(excuse the language!) of health and stress issues. Bah!! Many hugs.


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