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The rooms are echoing around here. I’m sort of getting used to my living room being empty – though I still walk around the chair that isn’t there. My young helper friend consistently puts her keys and phone down on the table that isn’t there. I steer my walker around the boxes that aren’t there and occasionally try to sit in a chair that isn’t there. Upstairs is even worse. At least I have my office and bedroom furniture down here. Upstairs there is nothing.

Which is possibly why the creepy people last weekend thought the house was vacant. I’m guessing that they saw the sign and pulled into the upper drive, looked in the windows and saw nothing there. My neighbor told one set that the house was not vacant and my car was in the lower drive, but they still thought it was acceptable to creep all around the house peering in the windows. If she hadn’t called me to tell me there were people wandering around, they would have scared the hell out of me. In what world is this okay? I’m now keeping the house locked. Typically I don’t lock up when I’m only out running around town – but now? Oh no, I don’t trust the creepy people.

I don’t know what to do about this. Calling the police is pointless. We don’t exactly have local police, they would take at least a half hour to get here. Probably longer. Would a “No Trespassing” sign be tacky? I’m considering making a sign with the realtors’ numbers and making it clear the house is not vacant. Maybe take-away signs. I really don’t want strangers creeping around the house and scaring me.

The cats are getting used to the empty rooms. Charlie spends a lot of time in his chair – it’s the only chair left down here. Zoe, for no known reason, is enjoying hanging out under the shelf in the living room. Of course, she spends a lot of time stretched out on the bed, too. Not sure how she got under the pillow – she’s never done that before. She’s also become fixated with getting upstairs. Someone didn’t close the door completely and she managed to rattle it open. I thought she’d get her thrill looking around the empty rooms and be done with it, but ever since she spends time working at and rattling the door. I don’t want them upstairs. There are lots of cleaners in use and I also don’t need random piles of cat-gak on the floors when legitimate house hunters come touring. But, oooohh. The lure of the locked door.

charlies chair



And my last bit of oddity. I’ve noticed that during the day when the sun is shining and it’s so much hotter outside, the air conditioner runs more often. And I get cold. So I turn the thermostat up a couple degrees. When the sun sets and the outside is not so hot, the air runs less often and I get hot. So I turn the thermostat down a couple degrees. It’s the same actual temperature in here. In fact, it’s warmer during the day because I feel cold and raise the temp. And it’s a little colder at night when I feel hot and turn the air down. But the same overall temperature makes me cold during the day and hot at night. That just seems weird. I’m sure it must have something to do with the frequency of the cold air and the subjective feeling but…… it’s the same temperature.


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    1. Definitely. Around here, I hardly ever lock the house when I’m home or if I’m just running into town. Now, the doors are all locked. People are creepy!


  1. Some people have few boundaries and don’t respect the ones we have. Awful! I have the same issue with temperature in my house; in the winter, 75 feels HOT in the house, but in summer, it feels cool. Crazy.


    1. I can deal with the winter/summer issue – just not on a daily basis. And yes, amazes me how people just don’t get boundaries.


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