Wow. It’s been a month. Hard to maintain any readers when you don’t post, eh?

We’ve been on a full court press here. The house is listed but it really wasn’t ready to show. In the past month we got the rest of the stuff sorted and packed and sent to auction or donations. Well, there’s one more load for donations because they ran out of room in their truck. They very kindly hauled off the trash furniture for me so currently, I have a bed, chair, a couple small bookshelves and my computer desk. Not a lot left to pack for me when it comes time for me to move. And no, I have not yet found a house that I like, can afford and is in a location I can deal with. Something will come up.

But, we’re pretty much done with the house here. It’s only been shown a couple of times. The upstairs carpet is so dreadful that the realtor thinks it might be better to tear it out and show the house without carpet. I don’t know. As a buyer I’d rather see the bad carpet I have to replace. I think.

The blog has obviously taken a back seat. And I can’t come back and start posting about these silly little things without at least acknowledging the horrible things happening around us. This isn’t a political blog and the world is a complicated and frightening place. I don’t have the words, I really don’t. I would like to share with you this prayer/poem that has touched me and expresses my hopes far better than I could. It’s up to you whether you follow the link.“We are a brave, decent people.”

So, one of the interesting things about wrapping up the sorting, etc., is finding things after you thought everything was packed.

little brown jug


Like this small brown jug. Remember my other brown jug? This one is a bit smaller in scale. How small?

little brown jug with battery

It was kind of hard for me to send some old lamps to auction. The lamp bases were toy-sized iron stoves. I used to be in charge of dusting them and spent most of my dusting chore playing with the pots and pans that went with the little stoves. I was certainly sentimental about the lamps, yet I didn’t really want them either. So I sent them off to auction.



Later, while we were moving other things, I found a coal scuttle. So I still have a piece of those lamps.

coal scuttle


I had a dream that night that when we moved the other sofa we found the rest of the pots and pans that seemed to have gone missing from the other lamp. We didn’t, but I sure thought we might.

Yesterday we found a few other items.

found items


A little wooden pear that came from a bowl of wooden fruit I gave my mom when I was a teenager. Zoe thought it was a great toy and stole it from the bowl. The rest are packed up and off to auction.

A monk’s head. I thought we found all those and packed them off. I guess I have one left. Mom always put them out with Christmas stuff so I guess I have an extra monk for my Christmas items.

A small bear. His mom and brothers were packed up long ago in this process. I’m not sure how he escaped but I’m willing to bet Zoe was involved.

The other oar to my little wooden canoe. That canoe is going to go on my moose wreath when I re-work it. And now I have both oars. At least if I don’t lose it again.

Oh, and Santa’s head in the form of a planter. Now that seems a little large to find overlooked in an empty room, doesn’t it?

head planter


Oh, and about the title of this piece. Last Friday I was taking a shower when a thunderstorm rolled in. When we were kids, they used to warn us about taking a shower during a storm – but all houses are grounded now, right? I’ve been in the shower during storms, no big deal.

Until this time. I was holding the hand-held shower sprayer when lightning struck apparently a little too close. I went bzzzzzzzzzt! I’ve been shocked before – a short in a lamp, an electric fence… Nothing compares to lightning shooting through your water pipes. I thought I was going to be found naked and dead in the shower.

So, take it from me. Don’t shower during a thunderstorm.


6 thoughts on “bzzzzzzzzzt!”

  1. Oh, wow!! I had never heard of that no showering during a thunderstorm. (we get few around here) Glad you’re OK! The items you found you were probably meant to keep, in my mind. I believe in signs! Hope the house selling and your relocation go smoothly. Political stuff is why I’m off Facebook for a day or so. Just can’t take it right now.


    1. I had heard that showering in a thunderstorm was dangerous, but I thought that was no longer true with our modern, grounded houses. Not so! Some searching online afterward, such as this NY Times article confirms that lightning energy can travel through your pipes and zap you. I’m not sure if I saw a flash or an electrical flicker or I flickered but yes, glad that I’m okay. Not the way I want to be found dead…

      I expect I will be on FB less and less over the next few months. Right now I’m just un-following people who persist in posting a bunch of political stuff.


  2. Important safety tip! Will keep this in mind as winter turns to spring as this is when we get a lot of thunderstorms. 😉

    I’m torn on the carpets. Would I rather see a place all ready to have new carpets laid vs carpets which are not great and need to be torn out? I really do not know. Do you know what is underneath them? If there were floorboards, then maybe at the very least pulling up one small section so people can see they could go without carpets if they want might be an idea.. 😉


    1. There’s probably plywood beneath the carpets. The place was built in 1976 and I doubt there’s anything pretty down there.

      And yes! Stay out of the shower during storms just in case. I’ve been in the shower during thunderstorms before and thought it was no big deal. This is the first time I got bzzzt’ed but apparently people actually get killed by some shocks.


  3. I remember being told not to shower during thunderstorms. Glad you weren’t harmed, but who’d have thought that could really happen?

    Getting rid of the big stuff is one thing, but packing up the bits and pieces is a whole different sentimental journey.

    Good luck with the carpeting issue. On the one hand, you don’t know what’s underneath it. But on the other hand, taking it away might give potential buyers a sense of what is possible in the space. It seems like it’s 6 to 1, half a dozen the other to me.


    1. Apparently it’s a real risk. Who knew?

      I’m glad to have some of the little stuff. They’ll make nice memories on a shelf, without taking up a whole bunch of space. Agreed on the carpet. I’m leaving it for now and going to see how well it can be cleaned.


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