c is for complete

Ah, mixed feelings about the challenge. In retrospect, I wish I had a more cohesive theme, something a little more planned. Something more interesting On the other hand, I finished. Traveling through these memories didn’t start or stop with the challenge and it’s been interesting for me. It did, however, make it difficult for people who don’t know me to engage with the blog. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

I’m currently going through photos. It’s easy to toss the hundreds of pictures of flowers or clouds. What’s harder is the hundreds of similar photos of my brothers and me when we were babies. For now, I’m not cutting those. Eventually I will pare down those photos to some that represent the time.

I ran across this picture of my bedroom when I was seven. That kitty is the original Charlie. I’m not sure when I got him, but I remember waking up in the morning to find Charlie in bed with me. He was made from a “skin” from the fabric store and since I chewed his ears off, Mom recovered him a bunch of times. I still have Charlie though he’s resting comfortably in a box these days. I tripped over a picture of Bunzilla, too. Perhaps one day I will post her.



7 thoughts on “c is for complete”

  1. What a sweet bedroom you had! Very girly. I think that you’re right about how people connected during the challenge. If you weren’t already following someone and they were writing personally, it was tricky to figure out the backstory. On the other hand, doing A to Z your way sounds like a good idea to me now that I’ve experienced how much work it takes to do a theme. o.0


  2. Thank you both. And thank you to everyone that came and commented during the challenge. I was disappointed, I admit, because I hoped to meet a bunch of new bloggers. I started out good, visiting and commenting on several blogs each day. But only a couple bloggers commented back and none of them stuck. It really is hard to meet new bloggers, particularly when you write an obscure, boring little personal blog. But I guess that’s okay. I have a few friends, I write what I want and it’s still a good place to process and vent.


  3. Zazzy,when I looked at your cozy childhood bedroom,I thought……………………………
    mom cared and loved her little girl very much !


    1. She really appreciated finally having a girl! Rumor has it that I was the final attempt. I think she really enjoyed doing the girly things with me.


    1. It’s funny. That picture reminds me of how tired I was of pink by high school. But you’re right.


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