x is for excuses

fred's buffalo

The bison has nothing to do with anything. Why not?

As if I wasn’t having enough trouble with my back, I was struck by lightning yesterday. Or run over by a herd of buffalo. Or possibly side-swiped by a really big truck. I’m having trouble keeping both hands on the keyboard.

I plan to finish the a-z thing and post all the stuff I have planned but it’s waiting for a few days. Or until I die. Haven’t really decided which.


6 thoughts on “x is for excuses”

    1. There’s only a few days left. Of course, they are some of the hardest days. And humor? Yes, I think you don’t survive life without a decent sense of humor.


    1. I am doing some better today. My helper was here today and I sat there and said “do this,” “fetch that.” We managed to get a fair amount done and I may have a place for all my donate items. That would make me really happy. And I hope to catch up on the challenge before it officially ends tomorrow.


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