t is for wait a minute

Those aren’t tulips. In my head they were. And I spent time looking for more pictures of the “tulips” I remember from Kansas City.

not tulips

Yes, we had tulips but we had far more irises. I was particularly fond of the plain old purple irises that ran the length of the north side of the house. In latter years, there were much more fancy tulips in exotic colors inside the little fenced area around the deck. No pictures of those not-tulips either.

So, t is for Tetons.

teton 2

The Grand Tetons, to be specific. The shape of these mountains are how they got their name.

teton 4

That is probably Jenny Lake back there near the foot of the mountains. My friend Beth and I stayed there on one of our trips through the mountains.

teton 1

And this has got to be Jackson lake.

teton 6

This one, too.

teton 5

And this one. Jackson lake is pretty big.

teton 3

Not a lot to say, I think the pictures speak for themselves. The Tetons are one of the prettiest spots in Wyoming. I miss my friends from there. I miss the beauty. I don’t much miss the winter.


4 thoughts on “t is for wait a minute”

  1. That’s a beautiful area. We stayed in Jackson Hole on a road trip once, and loved Jackson and the views of the Grand Tetons. However, it wouldn’t be a place I would want to live. (not just for the winters, but prices for housing were astronomical!)


    1. Jackson is the most expensive place in Wyoming – and unless you’re a millionaire it’s one big tourist trap in my humble opinion. But a nice place to visit. I lived in Cody and Gillette while I was there. Cody was fairly inexpensive, but standoffish. Gillette was friendly but a coal mining area so, until the recent horrific layoffs, was pretty expensive to live. But you couldn’t beat the scenery.


  2. I haven’t traveled much in the west — Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, San Francisco — but I did get to see those Tetons and they are really spectacular! And those [t]irises are lovely.


    1. Thank you Pam. I intended to travel more in the west when I lived out there but never seemed to have the time. Besides, Wyoming had so much to explore by itself.


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