q is for quartz

Continuing on my (short) list of really great gifts I have given… q is for rose quartz.

No matter how old I got, I was expected to produce a Christmas list. That’s a fun task when you’re eight and looking through the Sear’s Wish catalog. Not so much when you’re older and you basically have what you need and the things you want are too expensive to put on a Christmas list. I never could convince Mom and Dad that I would be happy with just one gift.

I could never, however, talk them into giving me a list of things they might want. The one exception to that was the year that Hallmark introduced a little red wagon and bear that Mom wanted. She would never buy it for herself but she called me upset that she had told Dad that is what she wanted for Christmas and he told her it was stupid. I said all the right things about what a jerk he was while I gleefully rubbed my hands together and did a happy dance. I rushed out as soon as we hung up and bought that little wagon and bear. Actually, I bought two. One for her and one for me.

bear and wagon
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So that was once in my life that I knew what would make one of my parents happy. Dad was near impossible. Sometimes I would buy the rather odd gift (like yesterday’s pufferfish) and he would really like it. Most times, I think I missed the mark. So one year I kept bugging him about what he’d like for Christmas and he kept refusing to tell me, so I told him I was going to get him a rock.

*cue wicked little smile*


Gillette had a rock shop (which doesn’t seem to exist anymore) and I bought an 18 pound hunk of rose quartz. I found a box that fit it nicely and wrapped it up like any other gift. I was the person handing out gifts that year. Try lifting eighteen pounds of rock as though it weighs nothing so that when you semi-toss it to your father, it truly surprises him.

Such a simple thing, a rock, but I think it was Dad’s favorite gift from me, ever.


2 thoughts on “q is for quartz”

  1. I love that you surprised your parents with unexpected gifts. I just buy mine restaurant certificates, although I have sometimes made them a special calendar. 🙂


    1. Quirky was definitely my specialty. It got harder as I got older. Perhaps I was not so quirky as I aged, and the folks were, I don’t know – not so open for the odd and unexpected? Everyone is different and I have done the restaurant and even the special calendar thing. That’s what’s fun.


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