p is for pufferfish

I’ve mentioned before that, particularly when I was younger, I really loved finding gifts that were a bit unusual. I loathe the very idea of giving a toaster, even though I may have requested a toaster once. I don’t mind getting the most mundane of gifts but giving them kind of bothers me. Perhaps that is because my parents were a couple of people I gave gifts to most often and they already had things like toasters.

This pufferfish was one of my favorite gifts to them. You really can’t accuse it of being useful for anything. It’s not your typical pretty figurine. But it is sort of an interesting conversation piece, I suppose.

At any rate, I like it! And my parents did, too. Dad stole its little stand for a cannonball at some point, but the fish lived on.


The only way to safely pick him up is to stick your finger in his mouth. I just juggle-caught him, trying to take him down from a high shelf. Not fun. And he’s impossible to dust. I decided to try rinsing him off and that seems to have worked pretty well. I don’t think I’d want to do that often since I’m not sure what effect it will have on him.

P could also have been for piano. I am not taking the big one. I might want a piano again someday, but not that one. First I need glasses that will allow me to read the music. I’m going to get computer glasses and those should be a similar distance to reading piano music. Anyway, I’m not taking the big piano but I an taking the toy piano Mom had when she was a little girl.


My old kitty Stasia used to like to “play” it once in a while. It’s a lovely old thing.


10 thoughts on “p is for pufferfish”

  1. While I appreciate why you bought it for your parents, I’m sorry but that pufferfish scares me. Looks like something in my nightmares. If I remembered them better. Now the little piano is adorable, with or without a cat on it.


    1. I’ve always thought he was cute in an ugly sort of way. But I can see where he might be a bit nightmarish. The piano is very sweet. I can picture little Mom pounding on it.


    1. Silly memories, even. They’re nice. It’s been kind of fun letting myself remember more of the silliness we had as a family.


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