m is for mooses

Way too many mooses.

In my family, when one of us likes something, everyone else tries to make it a collection. We collect a lot of stuff. That’s where the giraffes came from. And I encouraged chickens for Mom. And unicorns. Bears, we all had a lot of bears. And cows. I collected cows for a while. When I started, finding a cow was fairly rare. Now they’re everywhere and worse, since people knew I collected cows they gave me everything that happened to have a cow on it. Turns out I’m not that kind of collector.

When I moved, I pared down a lot of my stuff. I got rid of all but a handful of cows. I sold off or gave away my bears. All I kept were the moose. I like moose. Moose are – or were – harder to find. And still, you don’t walk into a store and find everything from toilet paper holders to kitchen towels covered in moose. When someone gives me a moose it is special. And not overwhelming. Perhaps my stuffies are a little out of control. I’m thinking that my office will be the moose zone.

moose wreath

dresser moose

more moose

But, as I was saying, our family collects things. I would like to share a picture of the Boyd’s moose figurines that Mom and Dad collected. They are mine now and they are in original boxes and packed away. One Christmas, between the three of us we bought four of the Christmas Moose figurine. I bought one, Mom bought one, and Dad bought two.

We collect stuff. Right now, not much of my stuff is packed. There’s no reason to do so yet but in between my stuff is other stuff and clutter. Clutter, clutter, clutter. That may be the best part of moving. For a while at least I will not have clutter.

This week, my day off was Friday. “N” will come tomorrow (tomorrow is like 45 minutes away now) and I will be back on track Monday. I’d like to be a little more organized on the downhill side of this challenge. No more getting around to writing just before bed. Riiiiight.


3 thoughts on “m is for mooses”

  1. I like collections in the abstract, but not so much in the reality. You are absolutely right about moose; they are harder to find, thus the collection won’t get out of control. I collect tee-shirts from places I’ve been (for running) and sweatshirts. I used to collect beer mugs. 🙂


    1. I think I tend to be fairly specific in my collecting. I like the moose stuffies and the Boyd’s moose figurines. I’m not interested in having moose towels and rugs and silverware, if they make such a thing. Your t-shirts have meaning – I saw someone take a bunch of those and make a quilt from them btw.


  2. I like moose. They remind me of Capt Kangaroo getting bombarded with ping pong balls. I always thought the Capt was a little creepy, so I enjoyed watching him get it. Mr. Moose rocked.


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