l is for lilacs

lilac festival

You know it’s funny. When the dogwood bloomed I was certain that was my favorite flower ever. And then the azaleas bloomed. But then… I discovered a lilac tree/shrub in the front yard. I mean – what? I’ve lived here much longer than planned and I visited before that and I never saw a lilac in the yard. I love lilacs! They are my favorite!

I don’t know where this little lilac came from. Perhaps lilac seeds blew in from somewhere else or a bird or critter brought some. It’s in an area of the yard that I can’t get to so I will send my young friend out to take a picture – and cut me some lilac branches – tomorrow. (Or later today if you’re reading this Friday.)

We had a lilac tree in Kansas City. Apparently Dad trimmed it because until I moved to Cody, Wyoming, where I had giant overgrown lilac bushes on three sides of my little house, I always thought they were trees. It’s possible that I have a picture of them somewhere and maybe I’ll find that too. Can’t say that I remember a picture of the tree in KC. Probably there’s one somewhere. But that’s not the point. I love lilacs and seeing that little tree just fills me with memories of cutting branches as a kid and the sweet aroma filling the house.

Dogwoods mean spring but lilacs are summer. It’s nowhere near summer yet but that little scraggly lilac tucked up near the road in the front yard just shouts that summer is coming.


Here are a couple shots of our little scraggly lilac tree. The flowers are more purple than these appear but it was not a great day for picture taking.

lilac branch

lilac bush


10 thoughts on “l is for lilacs”

    1. That’s from the Stockton Lilac Festival. I hope to have some pictures for y’all tomorrow. The memories are very strong and hard to describe. I’m seeing a little me dancing through the sprinkler with that lilac tree in full bloom.


    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by. I love the purple/violet lilacs the best. When you get up close, all those shades (plus pink) are in there.


    1. Hiya Snoskred! Good to see you – I hope that you’re feeling better. Also hope that lilacs will grow there. If they grow here and in Wyoming, I don’t see why they wouldn’t grow there.


  1. Lilacs don’t grow well around here. Something about our clay dirt discourages their growth. Or at least the newer varieties. In some of the older neighborhoods ancient lilacs are huge. I like your photos. Now could you please send the scent this way, too?


    1. Do you know someone with the older lilacs? Perhaps you could get a cutting or a couple suckers from them. Everywhere I’ve lived has had horrible clay soil – but I imagine there are different types of clay soil. You could dig out a huge hole and fill it up with good garden soil? Anything for a lilac.


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