Oh. Kay.

azaleas 2

K is not for azaleas. Maybe it should be. Perhaps it’s really spelled with a silent k?

I could not think of a single k. Several not-ks. We’re continuing to pack and I never cease to be amazed at what we find. Some very strange things. But do you think we found anything to represent k? Of course not.

But oh, aren’t the azaleas beautiful?

front of house

8 thoughts on “Oh. Kay.”

    1. They do blow in and blow out pretty quickly. The hydrangeas should be coming on soon. I am going to have to plant tons of flowering bushes and trees wherever I end up.


    1. Ally, we had daffodils blooming in February this year. It was crazy. Got a second round of them coming on now even though we’re still dipping into the lower 40s some nights.


    1. Yup. Yup. I am certainly struggling with some letters. I suppose I could have done kitties but I just did felines a few days ago. I wish I had more time before this thing started. Maybe I’ll do it next year and have more of an idea of a theme before I start.


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