d is for dogwood

dogwood 2016

It isn’t spring until the dogwood blooms. I have a certain amount of anxiety about it. The tree had buds quite early and we had a couple freezes after that. Then it blooms but the flowers are a kind of dirty yellow at first. Will we get a big thunderstorm that knocks them all off before they’re fully realized? That happens some years.

This year, the dogwood came into full beauty just in time for the “D” post in the A-Z challenge. Good timing dogwood!

dogwood 2016 c

Wherever I end up, I’m going to plant dogwood trees. It just wouldn’t be spring without them.

dogwood 2016 b


10 thoughts on “d is for dogwood”

    1. Yes, I love those flowering trees off in the woods, too. Around here I was told that they’re spirea – but spirea appear to be bushes. More likely Hawthorne (our state flower) or Serviceberry if they aren’t Dogwoods. Whatever they are, they make me happy.


  1. It does seem that just when things start looking beautiful, a big storm comes or a freeze blows through and it’s all gone! They’ve just started fully blooming now, but they still have a little ways to go…and I think I just heard there’s a freeze in the forecast. 😦


    1. Weather is…… exciting this time of year. I hope you don’t get that freeze and thanks for stopping by.


    1. I missed it last year. The dogwood is my favorite part of spring. So, wherever I go I’m planting more.


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