oh so many pictures

We continue to sort and donate and pack up stuff from the house. We’ve made a lot of progress downstairs but I am overwhelmed by the family photographs. The worst of it, at least what I thought was the worst of it, is the pictures from Mom and Dad’s families. No one ever labeled them. I can identify a few of them but most of them I have no idea who they are. Were. So they are mostly stacks of photos of unknown people. But they are photos of unknown people I don’t want to just throw away. I thought it would be easier to go through family photos and keep a few, toss the rest.

pictures lg

Ah, but just look at those boxes. The big box is full of other boxes and there are two boxes behind it which you can kind of see. And the ones beside it. Plus the photo albums behind them both and the boxes of slides and movies we found in my office.

The one pile I could throw away easily was mostly flowers and clouds. They had meaning for Dad but not for me. Give me more flowers and clouds to go through. It looks like I’m going to skim through most of them and pack them up to make decisions about – and digitize – later. Neither of my brothers really want any of this. The older one will get a box of some stuff – his wife will enjoy them even if he doesn’t. The younger brother is uncomfortable with the idea of having anything from this house in his house. Even though he frustrates me, I will respect that. Problem is he thinks I should keep this stuff. He sees it as being one small box I can tuck away. Oh well, what I keep will all get digitized and end up being a few CDs or DVDs.

Anyone need any photos of unknown people! I think I am giving Dad’s Korea photos and whatnot to the military museum in Springfield. Still not sure about the rest.

And then there are some funny stories about packing. Mom and Dad, well mostly Mom, collected a bazillion Boyd’s Bears figurines and Lowell Davis and Precious Moments. Mom kept everything so I knew she kept the boxes for these things but mostly, we couldn’t find them. I think they will sell better in their original boxes so I really wanted to find them and spent some time complaining loudly about how Mom kept everything and yet apparently not these boxes.

And then I went out in the storeroom and one large box of boxes had fallen off the shelves and two other boxes were sort of teetering, showing their content. There was no reason why these boxes should have fallen. I remember seeing the boxes the first time we threw things out from the storeroom, they were on the top shelves and I said that they could wait to be gone through, whatever they were.

And I could just picture Mom saying, “Quit your bitchin! Here are the damn boxes.”

But we did not find boxes for all the figurines downstairs. Haven’t gone through all of the ones we took upstairs yet. I figured there might be more out in the storeroom so we went out last Friday and found a half dozen small boxes on the floor.

Now, I know Taylor picked up all the boxes on the floor. Seriously. And we found two more big boxes of boxes on the shelves. If there was no reason for the first set to fall, there was no way for the pile of Boyd’s boxes to somehow jump out of the other big boxes and end up on the floor. And how did we miss the two new boxes of boxes?

Mom again? Is the spirit of Mom lurking around just to help me pack? Crazy shit.


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  1. Good for your mom for helping you pack, in spirit anyway. I am overwhelmed by the number of photos I have(and albums) The poor girls will have their hands full when I go to my reward. 🙂


    1. At least most of mine are digital. I don’t remember to take my camera with me and I don’t have children. How odd, thinking of them all being deleted if I die.


  2. I have boxes of pictures that were allocated to me (in part, also by me) that I haven’t touched. I don’t know anyone in the pictures. Makes me appreciate our lost oral histories, where everyone carried pictures in their own heads.

    Yes, Mom is helping! My mom still helps me, with the clear mind she had until the last few years of her life. Enjoy!


    1. Makes me appreciate labels! I wish we had more of the oral histories, too. And letters. My mom had letters from my great-aunt Bonnie who was a Ziegfeld girl. I would really loved to have read her stories. Who knows, maybe they’ll show up somewhere around here.


  3. So good to get a post from you! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of work to do there! I’m glad the boxes appeared exactly when you needed them and you didn’t have to hunt too hard. I hope you can get it all cleared and sorted quickly.


    1. Oh, Polly, we did search. We cleaned out the storeroom without seeing them. We’ve searched every cupboard and closet that we thought they might be in. We even got all the boxes down from the attic and all we found were some Precious Moments boxes that we can’t find the figurines that match them. I expect when we go upstairs to keep packing tomorrow that little Precious Moments figurines will be lined up down the hallway! 😉


  4. I have boxes and boxes of photos and letters from family members, most of whom I never knew. It’s overwhelming to try to figure out what to do with personal stuff like that. I understand your frustrations.

    All that collectible stuff is so niche-y that without the boxes you’ll not get much money for it. Of course, with the boxes you probably won’t get much money for it either! I could be wrong, but… 😉


    1. There’s no one after me that is going to want these pictures, which seems a shame. I wish I knew of some archive or something that would be interested.

      I’m thinking that dealers might have the most interest in the figurines, especially the Lowell Davis since he destroyed his molds in some fit of anger. And I’d think they would definitely want the boxes. But, no, probably won’t finance a new car or anything. 🙂


  5. Zazzy,I’m glad the boxes appeared !

    Please click on Lowell’s “First Six Figurines” in the link,when you feel like it, and look at the prices,

    Lowell Davis Figurines
    Lowell Davis has been referred to as the “Norman Rockwell of Rural Art”, and his paintings truly reflect this style.
    Lowell Davis Collectors Exchange

    Precious Moments figurines value guide

    Some Boyd’s Bears figurines are rare,I read online.


    1. Hiya Schnucki – how are things there?

      Many of our boxes still have the original price tags – and the sale price we bought them at which was often 1/4 of the original. I see from some of your links that only a few have much value now which kind of surprises me. I mean, I didn’t expect a vacation in Tahiti but I guess people aren’t so interested in them these days. Makes me kind of want to keep them all! So there future auction people!


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