drying out

Interesting title for a New Year’s Eve post! But literal. The rain stopped a couple days ago and where I am at, the water is going down. The lake was up to near record levels but the folks who manage the dams have seemed to do a pretty good job, at least on this side of the state. There’s more flooding out east and that’s where most of the deaths have occurred.

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This is the bridge just north of town. Years ago, a family was swept away here. These days, they post people to watch the bridge when flooding is imminent and they close it. The problem is, that although the water is roughly at the level of the bridge in this photo, what you can’t see is the road is several feet lower. Non-locals don’t know this.

cassville 12-2015

Cassville got flooded again though it doesn’t look at bad as last July’s flood.

A little further north of here, Monett got more rain and more flooding than we did. Most of it seemed to happen at night, at least the VIDOES featured in the Monett Times are all night shots.


I was going to write more – the sadness of the flooding is enough although our side of the state had it a bit easier this time.


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  1. That looks terrible. I’ve been reading about the flooding and have seen other photos. We are also drying out here, although the temps have dropped into the twenties. (or colder) I’ll take cold, blue sky and dramatic mountain views over the torrential rain though. It got very tiresome and depressing. Happy New Year, Zaz!


    1. We are high and dry here, just couldn’t get out of town easily. If this house ever floods y’all better be planning for the apocalypse.


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