memories of bacchus

I have had this sitting in my post queue for a week. Long week. My arm is getting better, I think, but it’s still swollen. When do I panic? I think I will give it until Wednesday. The antibiotics are still killing me. Or the infection is. One of them.

But back to Bacchus. This is my favorite shopping story ever. Do you have favorite shopping stories? Share!

I used to love shopping for gifts. Finding something different and special was my thing. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it flopped. These lovely sherry glasses were my choice for an anniversary gift for my parents one summer and I found them while I was packing upstairs. And I’m going to keep them.

Photo blatantly stolen from ebay, I’ve already sealed the box.

My parents liked the occasional glass of sherry and as it happened, I had recently read a book about a family in Spain who made sherry so I knew a little about it. I went to the liquor store and discussed the options with the knowledgeable salesman, made my choices and took two bottles of sherry up to the register.

I paid with a check. I used my driver’s license for identification. I took my two bottles of sherry and went out to the car…

…where I started laughing hysterically. “I’m only seventeen,” I said to myself. I don’t think I ever went back to that liquor store.

You can see why I don’t write creative pieces….


17 thoughts on “memories of bacchus”

  1. You ARE good at finding perfect gifts! 🙂

    Zazzy, please do not wait until Wednesday to panic. Monday is a perfectly good day to panic. I recommend it. Cellulitis is a sneaky, cruel infection.


    1. But it is much better and I still have 4 days of one antibiotic and 8 days of the other… I may call ask-a-nurse and see what they think.


  2. I missed your Dec 3rd post (how did that happen?). Wednesday to see a doctor? Maybe. But only if you see more improvement tomorrow. (Don’t I sound bossy?) Sorry this is happening to you.

    Nice sherry glass!


    1. How could you possibly have missed one of my exciting posts??? 😆 I’m not overly worried, I’m more annoyed than anything.


  3. Love that glass, although it wouldn’t hold enough beer. 🙂 I hope that the cellulitis continues to improve so that you don’t have to do anything except get better. Being ill is SO tiresome. xoxo


    1. Turns out they make wine glasses – or made. You can find them for about 1/3 of what I paid for them 30-odd years ago.


  4. We blog commentators are so much better than any old random Ask-a-Nurse. We know you better, just from history. I think you don’t worry enough when something is happening to you, so I’m here to help with that. 😉

    It is very good to know that you are improving.


    1. I think I procrastinate Hannah.And the first thing I tend to think is that it is probably not that bad. Did I ever tell you of the time I sliced straight into my thumb, cutting it neatly in two. I remember running it under water and watching it pulse back and forth and thinking, “That can’t be as bad as it looks!”

      I really think this is getting better but I don’t know how much better it was supposed to be by day 5.


    1. I consider myself a closet optimist. Many people who don’t know me well think I’m a pessimist. But while I may seem like gloomy Eeyore on the surface, underneath I am generally, if vaguely, sure that everything is going to work out.


    1. I looked older, too. The part that got me is how nonchalant I was using my driver’s license for identification. Crazy kids.


  5. I love this!

    My favorite shopping story (which you’ve probably already heard):

    I was shopping for a young colleague and his wife one Christmas. I needed something nice, but not extravagant. I decided a nice tree ornament was both safe and appropriate. As I shopped, a particular ornament kept catching my eye. Noah’s Ark. I don’t care for Noah, so I continued to shop, but found myself returning to the Ark. I bought that ornament and had it wrapped.

    When my colleague opened his gift, he looked up with his eyes literally shining. Then he confided they were pregnant with their first child and we’re going to tell everyone at New Year’s. He was telling me because the nursery was going to be done in the theme of Noah’s Ark.

    That kid should be completing first semester of college about now.

    Update on the arm, please?


    1. That is a very sweet story! I love when the universe conspires with you like that.

      My arm is much better. The swelling has gone down a lot and most of the heat is gone. The elbow is still a bit swollen with a little heat. And the skin is peeling. I did not expect that! But I still have a week of antibiotics. (If that doesn’t fit with previous estimates, blame it on my advanced math skills.)


    1. Hiya Hannah! I keep meaning to write but…. you know how this time of year gets. My arm seems pretty much normal. Even the elbow doesn’t hurt much when I roll up on it. I will keep my eye on it but I think it’s healed!


  6. Indeed, this time of year the heavenly peace about which we sing is often lost in the holiday craziness. I’m so glad your arm is healed, or healing!


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