you’ve got to be kidding me


I have cellulitis. For real this time.

My elbow started swelling last week. Wednesday, I think. A hot, egg shaped space at first. I knew it was probably cellulitis but I hoped it would go away. I still don’t have a primary care doctor and I didn’t want to make a trip to the ER over this. But it is out of the purview of Urgent Care.

The heat spread, the pain spread. I knew, you see, it was cellulitis. And the word scares the hell out of me.

So I waited for it to go away.

On Tuesday of this week, the swelling and heat spread suddenly all the way down my forearm and into my hand. Cellulitis does need to be dealt with and so Wednesday, after the appraiser came to look at the house, I took myself to the emergency room. I was fortunate that it was not that busy.

I was also lucky that my old doctor from years ago was working. So when he told me it was cellulitis and I needed antibiotics, he listened when I said, “Wait.” I explained that while I in fact believed it was cellulitis, last spring “cellulitis” left me in septic shock with necrotizing fasciitis. I freely acknowledged that my symptoms were not at all the same and I not spiking a high fever – but that the word cellulitis was really scary for me. And he decided to run a CBC panel to be sure my white cells were not elevated.

Turns out my white cells were (barely) in the normal range. He prescribed two (TWO) strong antibiotics and sent me on my merry way. And the timing was okay for me to get to my pharmacy last night. Already the antibiotics have decreased the swelling and heat from my hand and part of my forearm.

The antibiotics are, predictably, making me sick. I need to eat something. Bleah.

I also have much to do but today it is not going to get done. I hope to feel better tomorrow. I just thought I’d come here and whine a bit. And mock the universe for giving me cellulitis of all things. It has also, mind you, taught me the difference of how cellulitis comes on. It’s slow. And although I did feel sick, I didn’t have a high fever. My mind is not confused. But the nasty old antibiotics are sending me back to bed. After I go make a piece of toast or something.


9 thoughts on “you’ve got to be kidding me”

    1. Thanks Snoskred, I will be all right. I’m amazed at how fast the antibiotics are working, at least most of the swelling from the past two days is greatly reduced. And it’s possible the antibiotics will also knock out the slight bronchitis I’ve been carrying around.


  1. I hate taking meds, but I also hate HEALTH issues. I can tell my B/P is high again, although I’ve put off taking it. I also have constant floaters in my right eye. Bah, so frustrating! I’m glad that the antibiotics are bringing improvement and relief, and sorry that they are causing other issues. They always do, don’t they? 😦


    1. My eye doctor would tell you that you’re just getting older. I’ve had floaters so long I rarely notice them. Icky though. I agree that health issues of any sort are frustrating and annoying!

      Antibiotics are a wonderful thing – that I avoid as much as possible. I’m glad for them but yes, they always cause other issues. But I’m taking probiotics to help minimize some of the issues.


  2. Hope the antibiotics completely knock out all bad bacteria, the problem is of course they knock out the good ones too, so those probiotics are very good.

    I hope you feel better and can get back to full function and can sort the other chaos in your life out soon. Also here is hoping for things to actually calm down too and for things to go smoothly for once. *hugs*


    1. Thank you It’s a little frustrating since I have so much to do. I’m blaming stress for a nearly constant tendency to be a little sick.


      1. Yeah stress is very bad for bodies, it actually does lower immune system a bit, since stress refocuses body to fight or flight, rather than repair things and fight diseases as that does not matter till the crisis is handled.

        So here is hoping you will have less stress soon. *hugs*


  3. Yikes! I missed this one entirely! 😦 I was under the impression that only IV antibiotics could get rid of cellulitis (my husband had it twice after knee surgery).


    1. Apparently sometimes it needs IV antibiotics. Mine was caught relatively early, I think, since I knew what it was. I probably should have gone in immediately but I really, really wanted it to just go away.


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