do you remember tv dinners?

If I’m going to keep going with NaBloPoMo I need some better ideas than I have had the last few days. I’m blaming being sick. So, I’m trying a couple writing prompts from Reminisce Magazine. Rather vague writing prompts, such as today – memories about tv dinners.

Thursdays were grocery store days in our family. I got to go shopping with my mom and along with going to the library, got to pick something special for lunch. This was before I went to school or when I was in Kindergarten on half days. Or holidays or summers.

Do you remember when TV dinners were special? Were they ever special for you? My favorites were fried chicken or pot pies. Or pretty much any dinner with macaroni and cheese.


It’s kind of hard for me to imagine now that TV dinners were ever “special.” Perhaps it was because they were different, a sort of novelty. We sometimes had them when Dad was out of town on business. They were special then perhaps because Mom wasn’t trying to force us to eat something like liver that she only ever made when Dad was gone and we all hated. Or maybe because we each got to choose something different.

Remember how long they took to bake? At least half an hour and you had to care for them, uncovering this portion or stirring that. And we complain now about having to wait 7 minutes! I swear they tasted better than they do today. You’d think we would have improved convenience foods but even though there’s more variety, I don’t think they taste as good. I suppose nostalgia has a flavor all it’s own. I still think they taste better baked than microwaved.


8 thoughts on “do you remember tv dinners?”

  1. I never had any of these kinds of teevee dinners at all. 🙂 I remember a Lean Cuisine meal which had two plastic bags, one with chicken in a sauce and one with rice and they were to go in a boiling pot of water for a certain amount of time.. and fish in sauce in a bag. I miss those fish in sauce!

    I do remember a fishermans pie which was baked for what seemed like forever in the oven and it was deeply delicious. Sadly nobody makes a fishermans pie here in Australia other than Lite N Easy, so it has been a while since I had one. 🙂


    1. Lean Cuisine was way, way past these early TV dinners. But then, I don’t remember the boil in bag lean cuisines. Hmmmm. Surely that was pre-microwave.


  2. TV dinners were a rarity in my life. My parents both liked to cook and considered TV dinners to be unhealthful. There were always standards and rules! Although, occasionally, we’d have a frozen potpie [baked of course] which was sort of like TV dinners. I liked the chicken one the best.


    1. They were a comparative rarity for us, too. I can’t picture my OCD mom serving them for a regular dinner. I loved chicken pot pies, too, but mostly for the crust.


  3. I remember tv trays. I didn’t get to try tv dinners until college, and remember liking the Hungry Man brand of dinners with beef in them.


    1. Oh yes! TV trays were an important part of TV dinners! Though I think our’s were used more for Saturday night dinners which did not actually involve TV dinners.


  4. Marie Callender’s pot pies were really good; Patt loved them! I never got TV dinners growing up, so they were a huge treat. I loved the cute little trays of different things. However, the meat in them was NASTY.


    1. Did you know that MArie Callender’s pot pies are on many of the “most unhealthy” meals list? They must be good. I do love me some pastry.

      I agree that stuff like the salisbury steak was pretty awful. I remember the turkey dinners being pretty good and I always loved fried chicken. THOUGH, when I tried some recently (when I couldn’t sit up long enough to cook) they were pretty bad. But like you said, they were a treat make in the day.


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