tiny little thoughts

My delightful tummy illness has wound down today. I’m rather tired and here we are at the end of the night thinking about Square Guy’s question – “What occupations would Zoe and Charlie pursue if they were suddenly turned into adult humans?”

arent they sweet

It’s an interesting thought. We pet lovers tend to think of our furry friends as our “children,” particularly if we don’t have real children. But what would they be if they could turn into humans?

Charlie is clearly destined to be a sumo wrestler.

Zoe, I think, would have to be a queen. With me tending to her every desire. Or perhaps a teenager. With me tending to her every desire.


2 thoughts on “tiny little thoughts”

  1. But Zoe would have to want you to tend to her every desire and then hate you or ignore you when you wouldn’t or couldn’t. I don’t miss that stage at all! Glad you’re feeling better. xoxo


    1. Zoe would make a great stereotypical teenager. She would insist I make her something different for dinner and then not eat it. And I would constantly be accused of being mean.


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