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It was a sleepy day here today. I got up, fed the cats and went back to sleep. And I had kitties napping with me, too. I finally got up so that I could cook dinner, which took a while. I made Italian sausage pie/quiche. It was delicious and I plan to get the recipe up soon.

It was a hard day to blog. Whenever something tragic happens, whether it is personal or horrible happenings in the news, it’s hard to come here and write something. So just as well I spent the day sleeping.

Goodnight world. I hope there is better news tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “goodnight”

  1. I know what you mean about putting your head under a pillow and avoiding all the world’s bad news. My daughter Rebecca works at Christie’s auction house in NYC. Most of her immediate coworkers were in Paris Friday night for business. She got a call from one of them at about 6 PM that night (11 PM there) reporting that they were all together, no one was injured, but they heard one or more of the explosions and at that moment they were on the floor of a restaurant, sheltering in place. The police were telling everyone to be quiet and stay immobile. Sometimes I wish my daughter had taken another path in life: her undergraduate college years were spent at a school that looked out at the White House, and now her office is in Rockefeller Center, both places where “the terrorists” — whatever that means — would like to blow up people. Sigh.

    Hope you come out of hibernation today and let’s all try to enjoy the freedoms we have!


  2. It’s been a real storm of awful happenings. I’m also terribly worried about Ashley’s health in Senegal. She’s been having some scary symptoms and not getting decent medical care. She may have to fly back to the UCLA medical center. Needless to say, I’m ready to sleep it all away, if I only could sleep.


  3. I feel I must clarify something.

    I slept all day because I was having muscle spasms that kept me awake Friday night. They like to hit at night for no very good reason. I still slept some today but I worked on annoying probate paperwork, too.

    I do feel quite sad for the people of Paris and those who love them, and sad that there are people in the world who think that killing other people is some kind political statement. You’d think that we would be beyond that by now.

    I’m very glad, Pam, that your daughter’s friends and coworkers were safe. It has to be scary for you.

    And Margaret…. oh she should just come home and get the medical care she needs. At least that’s what I think. She can go back and finish in Senegal later, right?


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