autumn colors

It’s a little early this NaBloPoMo to be frantic to get a post done just before midnight. Or to forget altogether. But that’s where I’m at. This November is such a busy month but I’m going to keep going and not just give up since I missed a day.

This photo is from 2007 which might have been the last really pretty autumn we’ve had. This year, most of the trees went straight from green to brown. I had high hopes since we had such a wet summer but, really only the dogwood was pretty. The leaves are almost all down already.


6 thoughts on “whoops”

  1. We have so many evergreens (hence our nickname of The Evergreen State) that any color is thrilling. However, all the neighbors’ leaves in my back yard are not so thrilling. 🙂


    1. We’re having a very windy day and night so I’m hoping all the rest of the leaves blow into the corps land. Evergreens are nice, I like having lots of green around in winter.


  2. A big thumbs up for keeping going.. 😉

    It is spring here and the native trees are very annoying at the moment.. the amount of eucalyptus leaves and bark dropping onto my new concrete driveway.. even if I were out there sweeping them up daily I would get nowhere. And the trees are a significant distance from the driveway as well.. :/


    1. So what you need are more koalas running about? I’m allergic to the fragrance of dried eucalyptus – I’m not sure how I would do with a bunch of live eucalyptus around. And I definitely wouldn’t like sweeping them up daily.


  3. Frantic posting, same here. Yesterday’s post was done this morning in my geographic time zone. But I got in well before the deadline according to my personal time zone.

    Blogher doesn’t seem to pay that much attention….

    Anyway, our trees were as colorful as usual. The Maple trees again started things off, followed by the oaks.


    1. No, Blogher apparently wants you to post links to your post on their site daily. That is so not going to happen. Still, I’m hoping to have time to read more of the other blogs this year. We’re almost half way through.


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