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weeble 2

Zoe continues to love her Weeble. She prefers it when I put the ears in but will play with it and eat the treats even without the ears. I bought Charlie a weeble of his own. A kinder, gentler weeble with three holes instead of the one. It is ridiculously easy to get the treats out of it.

And Charlie sits there and looks pitiful until I bat it over and make some treats fall out. Then he looks pitiful again until I bat it again.

Or he did.

Zoe saw this as an opportunity to get more treats. She leaves her weeble and rushes over, knocks the treats out of Charlie’s weeble and eats them. Then goes back to her own.

But wait! We don’t stop there. Since Charlie won’t play with his weeble, I’ve gone back to giving him his treats in a little pile on the floor. This is yet another opportunity for Zoe to get more treats so she leaves her weebles, runs over and eats Charlie’s treats and cackles maniacally when she goes back to her weeble. And Charlie just sits there and looks sad. So now I must feed him his treats carefully while Zoe plays and she looks a little miffed herself.



4 thoughts on “more weebles”

  1. What are the ears made from? 🙂

    I kept an eye out for these when we went to the pet shop yesterday but I did not see anything like this. I’m assuming they will land here eventually.. 🙂


    1. Pull n Play is made by Friskies if you get that there. The other mouse is made by Temptations treats. The ears are a weird kind of chicken and cheese flavored jerky-like string. Zoe loves them, Charlie won’t touch them. Zoe doesn’t get them every day – their treats are at least somewhat healthy and I doubt those strings are in the slightest.


  2. I bet they’re cute when they’re playing with them! Mari doesn’t get treats because Alison says I overfeed her already. She likes being a lazy house cat!


    1. She. Charlie just looks miserable. And perhaps a little slow.

      Tell Allison that treats can be important. My kids get hairball treats or dental treats. And they’re about 1 calorie each so a few doesn’t hurt them. Well… Charlie probably doesn’t need any but Zoe is protesting because we’re out of her favorite crunchies.


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