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I decided kind of late to participate in NaBloPoMo, but as I said recently – I have a plan. At least for the writing part. I want to take this opportunity to meet some more bloggers as well.

Yesterday, of course, was Halloween. It’s a very quiet holiday here. I imagine on the upper road there are trick or treaters, but down here where it’s dark and far between houses, we get none. I miss them.

Today’s story is about the last time I went trick or treating.

Trick or treating in our little suburb was, as they say, safe as houses. From an early age we hit all the houses on the surrounding blocks and pretty much everyone had a pumpkin on their doorstep and the porch light on. Store bought costumes were a rarity back then. We were ghosts and witches and hobos and nearly all costumes had to be able to be worn under or over a warm winter coat.

The year that I was ten was extra special because I was being allowed to trick or treat with my best friend Lezlie. She used to live, with her mom and sister Annie, at the end of my block. When they moved, I only got to see Lez once in a while. She used to come over to spend the night and then get all worried about her little sister and have to go home. She also had that 40 pound cat Jasper that I’ve written about in the past. Jasper used to lay on the top of the television and his tummy would roll over either side.

As soon as it got dark, Lez and I headed out all by ourselves to canvas the neighborhood. We hit the nearby houses and those on the next streets, but then I had the very good extra fun wonderful idea of walking down the main street through our neighborhood to the beginning of the subdivision and working our way back up to my street. It was epic. Our bags got too full and we had to beg new bags. Never has there been a Halloween haul like this.

Unfortunately, as a ten year old I had no real sense of time. For no good reason, as far as I was concerned, our parents got worried and headed out in the car to find us – eventually coming across Lez and me on our way back toward home. We were far out of the area my parents had considered they had given us permission to go and far, far later than they considered reasonable.

My punishment was to never be allowed to go trick or treating again. Some forty-odd years later I still think it was unreasonable. A punishment that lasted for years until I was too old to trick or treat anyway. I understand things now that I did not then but there remains a piece of that ten year old who will never agree with that decision.


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  1. That is a super harsh punishment!

    These days I guess parents would set a reminder on their kids mobile phone x minutes before they had to be home.. or maybe it is just I am obsessed with setting reminders on my mobile phone right now. 🙂

    I said no to Nablopomo this year. I was put off last year by people putting my comments into spam on WordPress, and also many of the participants had not blogged in a long time nor did they post in November at all or they maybe posted one post. I don’t get how people sign up for something and then totally ignore it – I think they were just looking for links or something. 😦

    But I will enjoy reading your posts and comment a lot on them.. 😉


    1. There were a ton of blogs last year that didn’t seem to be even trying to post daily. And when I added mine to the blogroll last night there were only 370 signed up so far. I miss the good old days of NaBloPoMo but I’m doing this first to help me get writing about something besides medical crap and death. Still, I hope to meet some new bloggers, too.

      I understand now, I think, that my folks were scared when I didn’t come home when they thought I should. The pity is that we didn’t discuss how long or where ahead of time and they set the consequence while they were angry. If I were counseling a family about the incident it would have been a great opportunity to learn. But hell, it was 1973. Who communicated with their families back then?


  2. It seems like they had some unstated rules/expectations and kids(or adults) aren’t mind readers! I think the punishment was too harsh also; it took the joy out of what should have been great Halloween memories. I don’t have many memories of my own Halloweens except that my mom wouldn’t let me eat anything homemade which I thought was outrageous. Now that I’ve been into other homes and seen their kitchens, I understand her caution. (not everyone is as clean or careful as we were in our family)


    1. Well that’s the way I remember it Margaret. I can’t recall that they ever said where we could go and since I walked the neighborhood all the time, I didn’t see the problem. Now, how my parents remembered it could be another question! We talked about it once and Mom certainly didn’t think she had been unreasonable.

      We are of the age that the first rumors of poisoned candy and razor blades in fruit were just happening. And they persist today – even in Australia where going trick or treating is just becoming popular. Never mind that no documented case has ever happened. Still – your mom was right about the germs!


  3. Ah, you’re right. That punishment was far too severe. Hopefully the memory of that punishment doesn’t completely outweigh your fond memories of a fun night with your friend.


    1. Not entirely Maura but it does color my memories of Halloween in general. I think it’s a little silly to still have some resentful feelings when it’s so long past.


  4. I agree, your punishment was too severe. I can understand why you still remember it.

    Interesting about the lack of participation in NaBloPoMo. Used to be THE THING TO DO, but now I’m getting the impression that Blogher has lost its focus and doesn’t draw the people like it once did.

    Be that as it may, I’ll be looking forward to what you have to say this month.


    1. Well, there are 815 people signed up now but in the early years there were thousands, as I recall. I agree with you that it lost it’s focus when it got too big for the founder to manage and it moved to ning and then blogher.

      But then blogging has changed. If you skim through their featured posts (or whatever they are) they lean toward people making “content.” Perhaps it’s only personal blogging that’s dying.

      Whatever… I’m going to try and write. Very glad to have you along.


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