but we don’t fall down

zoe and her weeble
Zoe and her Weeble

We’re doing okay here. Dad’s burial will be next Thursday. My oldest brother is coming. His poor wife, as you may recall, was badly injured last winter and continues to recover. She’s doing better so we’re glad for that. We have the attorney on Friday. All kinds of excitement. I’ve been so very tired and I’m blaming it on waiting for the phone to ring all last week. This too shall pass. Most of the time I’m still feeling kind of numb while all the little things that need to happen circle through my head.

I bought the kids a Pull ‘n Play a few weeks ago. Zoe has gotten quite good at it and won’t let Charlie near. I am going to buy a similar, but looks easier, toy for Charlie but I expect Zoe will take them both. Zoe loves her Weeble and gets pouty on non-Weeble nights.

I think I’ve decided to do the November NaBloPoMo. I’ve got an idea for a theme (for me) revolving around story telling. No guarantees. I have a short list of stories to tell, memories, family tales. Please, oh blogging friends and lurkers, leave some questions or ideas in the comments – either now or when November starts. Not the what is your favorite movie type so much as where did you go on vacation as a child. That’s taken, by the way. There’s a whole month to fill up and I want to avoid filler posts.


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  1. I would just ask for your scariest, happiest, most embarrassing, most life changing experiences in childhood, Or your favorite game, playmate, movie, TV shows, etc.


  2. What thing did you want to be when you “grew up” but then your fears or possibly squeamishness got in the way?

    Where was your safe place, growing up?

    What was your first job, did you enjoy it?

    I had never heard of that pull and play thing – not sure these are available in Australia yet but I will keep an eye out.. that looks amazing! 🙂


  3. I’ve officially become interested in Creation Stories. Yes, capital C capital S, as in the vein of “Let there be Light.” I have my very own story of how Earth was created, which I will post in November. I don’t Believe in it, but I like how it compares with the stories of some indigenous cultures. I realize that to some people, the idea of making up a C S is blasphemous, and I offer my sincerest apology to you if you are offended.


  4. Some fine suggestions! I can use these and they will definitely help with the month of posts.

    Zoe loves the Pull n Play, Snoskred. Charlie initially stuck close and tried to get the treats but has given up on that. He gets his treats separately.

    Guy, you don’t offend me. I’ve never really thought about my idea of the creation story. I just go with science on that one. As for Zoe and Charlie? Oh that’s a scary thought. Charlie would clearly be a sumo wrestler, though.


  5. You garden. Was that part of your childhood or did you develop that interest as an adult?

    When you went to sleep at night as a child what was your ritual?

    How about a story about what music meant to you at age 10? Or 16? Or 3, even?

    What meal do you still cook that you had as a child? Do you make it the same way?


    1. …but they don’t fall down! That is indeed very much like a Weeble. I wonder if Zoe would enjoy a real Weeble or only one that gives her treats. Probably the later.


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