catching up

Once again, I’ve meant to write all week. I did my first long drive, to Branson to see the pain doc, on Tuesday. It was not so bad. Cindy suggested a different route which was a little faster and a lot less annoying. It was actually easier than riding to Springfield with Cindy a couple weeks ago. New med to help me sleep. So far, not sure it’s helping a lot at going to sleep but it sure wants to keep me asleep all day.

Charlie, Zoe and I are snuggling much of the day. We share the heating pad. Zoe usually claims it, Charlie sometimes pushes her off – or squishes on there with her – and I sometimes take it since all this laying around hurts my back.


I’ve been meaning to tell you how Zoe scared one of my nurses. She went out to her car to get something and I guess Zoe felt that meant she had left. So when she came back, Zoe hissed at her and took a couple swipes at her. Both the cats are becoming more and more sociable. Zoe has not only been coming out to see the nurse or therapy person or Cindy, she’s letting people pet her. Even Charlie is coming out. Cindy likes to give them a treat and the both will lay on the bed while I’m getting my dressing changed. Now I just need to have people keep coming over to keep them socialized.

Things are okay. The wound is getting smaller and smaller. I’m getting more stamina and endurance and can go out and shop without being totally exhausted by the time I get home. Can you believe that almost half the year is gone?

More to catch up on. Another day.


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  1. Improvement is always good! I love your kitties. They are prettier than Mari(shhh, don’t tell her!): although I love my guest kitty, I’ve never been a fan of black cats. However, Alison adopted her because it’s more difficult for them to find homes, due to silly superstitions. Hoping for added strength and a more normal(?) sleep schedule. xoxo


    1. The black cat thing is silly, isn’t it? We had Petee and he wasn’t bad luck for anyone! And yes, improvement is great. Gonna be done soon.

      p.s., Mari is beautiful!


  2. My kitties would like to know more about a heat pad! 😉 Especially with current temperatures here.

    Glad to hear you are still on the mend and now able to go shopping. YAY! 🙂

    My little kitty is presently sitting by the back door patiently waiting for the other half to return from the Man Cave.

    She meows pitifully, the entire time. ME—–OOOOOOOOOO—WILL it sounds like. Each individual syllable is separately sounded. It is quite hilarious and even though she’ll sit there and do it for 15-20 minutes, I enjoy every minute of it.


    1. Kitties are funny. Zoe and Charlie may fight over the heating pad even when it’s not on. I think they’d like me to bring the warming blanket back but I just can’t mix electric blanket and air conditioning!

      I have heard that it’s quite chilly for the Queen’s birthday. Opening of the snow runs or something?


  3. Kitty cats are so weird. Gotta love them. I like the photo, nothing like seeing the south end of a northbound cat. Glad that you’re doing better.


    1. They are guardedly looking over their shoulders at me as I try to get them to look toward the camera.

      Wound clinic Wednesday. I hear it’s very small now,


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