One of the odd little things that happened during this spring’s adventures was vertigo – when turning right. When looking right, rolling right, basically everything to the right was spinning hideously.

No one seemed to have any idea of what was causing the vertigo, but it was annoying. The general consensus was that it had to do with laying on one side most of the time. But when I was finally up and moving, it didn’t go away. I couldn’t get out of bed on the right side because of the room spinning. I couldn’t reach for things on the bedside table to the right. And it made even turning over to spend time laying on my right side difficult, though the pain of the muscle spasms was a good part of that one. The biggest problem with the vertigo is that it increases my fall risk.

Enter my heroes. My home health PTs have exercises, including a “treatment” that has completely eased the vertigo. Once in a while I feel as if the vertigo is almost there – as if it’s about to hit, but it doesn’t. And there are continuing exercises to do to take care of the residual symptoms.

Oh, and it’s caused by the teeny crystals in your ears getting out of alignment. You can read all about it. It just seems like such a shame that PT at the hospital or rehab didn’t treat this. Still, glad it’s better now.


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  1. That’s very weird, but I’ve actually heard about it before from a Facebook friend who has the same issue. So glad that the PTs could treat it. I would think it would make you very nauseated too!


  2. Z-D suffered from vertigo once upon a time. The doctor had him do a few simple exercises and eventually the problem went away– about as quietly and mysteriously as it showed up.

    Strange thing, vertigo. Hoping that by the time you read this you are all over it.


  3. I really hope it goes away and stays away, I have heard of this type of vertigo before, and like all forms it sucks. Our bodies have a lot of things that can mess up in bad ways, it sucks, and when we can as a species I think we need to improve on the designs of ourselves so we have less problems. Not sure if that will ever help us old non enhanced humans though, but at least future generations may live less annoying lives than us. Hope you feel better soon.


  4. I’m glad it’s in control. I experienced vertigo twice in my life and I can’t imagine having to endure it for more than a few hours. That was bad enough even though it passed after bedrest. I’ve heard of that “rocks in the head” therapy because it worked for someone I know.


  5. Thanks guys and gals. Vertigo is hardly the worst thing in the world – at least mine wasn’t – but it is sure nice for it to be gone.

    I’m sorry I haven’t written. My excuse is that I’m getting enough better that I can feel more pain in the wound and sitting for any length of time is actually painful now! That’s good news. The wound care doctor said it’s looking good. It seems to have shrunk by almost half in the past three weeks. At that rate, it could be gone by the time I go to the wound clinic again. Let’s hope!


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