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Zoe still spends most of her time with me. Charlie has relaxed enough that he will sleep in his favorite spot for a while. Zoe seems the most affected by the experience. Perhaps Charlie fared better since he was willing to let Cindy fuss over him and pet him. Zoe eventually came out, but wouldn’t let Cindy touch her. Now, Zoe comes out to sniff most strangers and Charlie hides – even from Cindy.

It has been suggested that I’m not writing enough. 🙂 This is two-fold. I still cannot sit in my desk chair for all that long at a time. Even with cushions, it’s not very comfortable. But it is the best place for typing. Oh how glorious it is to have my ergonomic keyboard back underneath my finger tips. The second is that there isn’t much to write.

What do I do?

I’m trying to stick to the schedule I had at Med-Bridge. It worked pretty well as an eating schedule for keeping my blood sugar steady. I need to add in PT exercises now. Okay, I needed to add them in before but once I got home they just slipped my mind in the adjustment and soul-sucking cold.

I’m sleeping a little later than I was. My body still wants lots of sleep and I still struggle going to sleep at night. There is no one that comes in and forces me to get up in the morning. Nobody makes my breakfast, either. I kind of miss someone else cooking for me even if most of the food was crap. Mostly, it’s yogurt and cheerios for breakfast – that’s also what I ate inpatient with a little variety when available. I sometimes make eggs for breakfast. I like eggs and couldn’t eat the bad, bad eggs of hospital and rehab. Steam table eggs are never good.

I take my pills, do my breathing treatment and rest a bit after breakfast. Probably this is when I will add in the first PT session. Harder when someone else isn’t making me do it. And Cindy comes over to do the dressing. PT and the nurse will be coming twice per week at least for the next few weeks.

Resting is mostly just laying down. I watch videos or play games. I’m supposed to be on my side unless I’m actively up eating or doing something else that requires sitting. I’ve used the time to do some sorting of mail and making phone calls about bills, too. I was late on only one Visa payment, by the way, and they agreed to forgive the late fee given the circumstances.

Lay around, lay around, lay around. Then it’s time for lunch. I have been really hungry for salads so that has been a lot of what I’ve eaten for lunch lately. I’m trying to make lunch my larger meal of the day, too. Cook once, eat twice works well. Cooking remains a bit difficult both for energy and for desire to eat. I can happily munch on chips but that’s not the protein I need for healing. Food is easier to deal with when it’s already made but I don’t like most frozen meals. Still, now that my cold is mostly gone, my stomach is more willing to consider other food and I’m doing a bit more cooking. I will likely make a potato, corn on the cob and a steak today. I have lots of small steaks still in the freezer. Also some fish and I’m rather hoping I have another bag of my favorite chicken tenders out in the big freezer. I don’t like the variety available at local grocery.

Doing the dishes is my standing tolerance exercise. Very exciting.

After lunch, it’s back to laying around. Oh, and more PT. I’ve got a set of exercises to do for the vertigo as well. Who knew? Exercises to treat vertigo! I’m hoping that they help.

Probably there will be some napping involved in the afternoon. Videos. Games. I also fit in small chores. I do a load of laundry or gather trash. I’m planning to run that little cordless sweeper around to pick up some cat hair today. Still have much mail sorting, filing, and figuring out of bills to do.

Eventually, I prepare dinner. I have sandwich fixings. I got used to sandwiches for evening meal. Sometimes, I have leftovers from lunch. It’s not a bad thing that I don’t feel up to eating very much at a time. I’d rather not re-gain the weight I’ve lost.

After dinner, I —- wait for it —- lay around some more. I talk to a friend. I may sit up for a while and say hi to my gamer guild. Do the dishes. Do evening breathing treatment. Take evening pills. Start pain management to get ready for bed and sleep. I need to make more of an effort to actually go to sleep. Pain at bedtime is still my biggest sleep issue. Currently, listening to a spoken word podcast is my best bet for sleep. No video, no game. Games are bad for sleep because it’s easy to just keep playing and lose track of time.

Anyway, there isn’t that much of interest in my day. I did have a small adventure yesterday. I will tell you about it later.


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  1. Your routine sounds good for healing and very normal for someone recovering from a major medical issue. You’re taking one step at a time and mixing rest with light activity.


    1. Just kind of boring hon. And not very exciting to write about. But I know there are some people who wonder how I’m doing and I’m doing okay.


    1. There are all kinds of cooking boxes available these days that would make cooking quicker and more interesting – just rather pricey. Still, I’m considering trying one after everything is paid off just for something different. I hope that things are going well for you.


  2. I was thinking about you today. I know it can be a hard day for those who are missing their mothers, Zazzy. I hope you feel peace on this day. You were and are such a good, caring daughter. God bless you, dearie.


    1. It wasn’t so bad. Sure, I feel a little sad but not so much just because it’s Mother’s Day. I wondered how I would feel but remember, I’ve been grieving Mom for a long time. It’s been soooo long since I was able to buy or make something for her for Mother’s day that had any meaning to her. It was harder, really, then – when I could see her and be with her and not have her there at all.


  3. This sounds like a good, healing routine. Maybe not too exciting, but that’s not the point. Keep on, keeping on, Zazzy. Eventually it’ll all kick in and you’ll feel great.


    1. I am gradually feeling better. The cold is mostly gone but it’s still hayfever season. Still, I’m not going through kleenex by the box. And I’m getting a little more stamina, finally. And very soon I’m going to hit that place where I can’t stand laying around anymore.


  4. Interesting to see the scope of your day. Your routine sounds good and I hope you do take advantage of all the PT you can — PT is the unsung hero of medicine. In my opinion of course.

    Looking forward to hearing more progress reports soon.


    1. Yup. My sister in law was injured just before I got sick. Did I talk about that here? The poor woman crashed her car and broke both her ankles, her hip and a wrist. So she was in the hospital and got home out of rehab just before me – though she has more surgeries and rehab to go. My advice to her was to do every silly exercise that therapy asked her to do. Everything has a reason and every movement helps.

      Though, I confess I was complaining about the idiot puzzles by the end. Just talk to me to distract me for standing tolerance. I had done all the puzzles. Card games worked well for me, too.


  5. Wow, this is what I get for not keeping up with blogs. You have had quite a misadventure. Glad things are looking up for you.

    BTW I had made your crab quiche and I have to say it was to die for. Yum.


    1. Hey Nicole! I hope that you are doing well. Glad you enjoyed the quiche. I’m still hoping one day to make it with fresh crab.


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