missing spring


I hope the dogwood is still blooming when I get home. I talked to my lawn guy yesterday and he will get the spring clean up done for me. That’s one stress off my back. Getting a hold of some of the billers – like trash – will help but that doesn’t happen on days like today. We’ve re-started my neurontin and it has made me shaky and breathless and sleepy. Plus my hands are shaking badly making it hard to type. My fingers suddenly pound down on random keys. Plus I think I am skimming the trackpad as I will suddenly go to a new page or another part of this page. It’s weird.

I was having trouble breathing this morning so didn’t walk as much. My therapist kindly came back this afternoon and I walked a little more. Yesterday I walked all the way down the hall. Today, there were more breaks. we’re changing the neurontin times so I hope tomorrow goes better.


6 thoughts on “missing spring”

  1. I’m hoping my tulips are still blooming when I get back. The side effects to neurontin sound miserable. Patt started with that(cheapest drug for neuropathy) but then ended up on something more expensive. Lyrica? Hope you continue to improve! xoxo


    1. I can’t take Lyrica so if it turns out I can’t tolerate Neurontin anymore, I hope there’s another choice. I am enjoying your trip through FB and am looking forward to when you can write about it in more detail.


  2. Hey sis – saw you on FB today. Thinking of you with hope and trust that better days will come.
    Much love, KP


    1. Me too. Right now an upper respiratory infection is kicking my butt. I’m hoping it’s much improved by Monday since it’s hard to build endurance with a soul sucking cold.

      I’m feeling a little whiny tonight.


  3. If anyone has a right to whine at the moment, it would be you. I hate having a cold. I used to never get sick but now I catch everything. I hope it is a weak virus that you can fight off quickly.


    1. Well I sound pretty awful this morning but I think the cold is on it’s way out. I do keep reminding myself that others have it worse. It’s easy to get sucked into feeling sorry for myself… like Friday when I ended up in tears while talking to the social worker about depression. Of course I am feeling some depression! I think it’d be crazy not to get at least some depressed over the situation.


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