500 miles

In many ways, I feel like I’m doing the one step forward, two steps thing. It’s not true, I am making progress forward but these stupid muscle spasms are driving me nuts.

I don’t think I’ve written about the muscle spasms. It seems that laying around in bed for a month is not so great for general muscle condition. So I’ve been having massive screaming spasms – particularly when getting up or laying down. A day like today, when I had two sets of therapy and a shower and up and down for meals – well then I spend all evening laying still and hoping the drugs work. It’s frustrating. I thought that moving around more would loosen up the muscles but it really isn’t helping.

Still, I walked 40 feet today without stopping and stood for 3 1/2 minutes. Given that last Friday I was standing for 30 seconds while working on a puzzle and the puzzle pieces kept disappearing from my vision, this is progress.

So, I try to keep a positive attitude and focus on the progress and not the vexation of not moving fast enough. I so want to go home. Home where I hear my daffodils are up.



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  1. I’ve heard or read that for every day one is immobile, it takes a much higher factor of days to recover. So, your progress is astounding, although not as fast as you would like! How are the kitties? You must miss them a lot.


  2. Echoing Margaret’s comment, I was told that for every week that you’re in the hospital you should expect it to take a month to regain your strength. Don’t know if that’s true, but it does make think that you’re doing quite well with your recovery. Hang in there, better days are a’coming!


  3. Wonderful progress, except for those muscle spasms. It sounds as if they don’t want to wake up and do their jobs after a nice, long rest. Maybe the nurses could give you some notice before those walks, so you can get in some gentle, pre-workout stretching before you go sprinting down the hallway. 😉 I’m sorry you have to deal with those extra pains, Zazzy. I know muscle spasms really hurt.


  4. I will agree with all three of you. Being patient is hard. I want everything to happen right now. There are times, like right now, that I just want to get up and move around, walk off the aches.

    The muscle spasms are really tiresome. No one has any real ideas to address them other than to keep moving – and as everyone has noted, that takes time.

    The kitties are doing fine Margaret. My neighbor is taking care of them and she says that they are coming out and saying hello. They haven’t quite allowed her to pet them yet but it sounds like they’re getting close.


  5. I hope the spasms stop soon and that you feel better, sometimes, just sometimes not always, magnesium will help me to stop or at least somewhat calm muscle spasms, but they still bug me regularly, so it is not a cure all. I also hope you manage to recover enough soon that you can get back home too.

    Patience is impossible 🙂 Feel better and take care 🙂 I am so amazed at your progress and everything, while I whine about a hurt knee (no nothing serious as doc just said “take painkillers and try to move the knee as much as possible…)) and have issues with that, makes me feel silly, what annoys me with recovery is that it is not linear as you say, one day a bit better then next day worse and back and forth, only if you really think about it may you perhaps see a somewhat positive trend.


    1. I’m on huge doses of magnesium. My neurontin was restarted today (which has left me really tired and kind of goofy) and I’m hoping that helps.


  6. Slow progress is better than no progress. Especially given what you’ve been through. Your situation makes having the flu (which I have) sound like child’s play. Continue to get well. I’m hoping you won’t have to sell your car. I would imagine that whatever you could get for it won’t make much of a dent in the hospital bills. Can’t begin to imagine the cost of such a long stay…


    1. Get well soon Pam My insurance will cover most of my care but if I stay past April 12th my co-pay is $157 per day. Hoping for the wound to heal before then.


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