it’s late

and I’m not sleeping so I thought I’d take another stab at writing. I think that the track pad is my biggest hurdle.

I keep getting to the part of the story where I meet the surgeon and then fading out. The thing is my memory is pretty hazy after that. You hear things in that half light of anethesia that no one will confirm for you later. Did they happen? Well, some of them did.

They had a little trouble getting my blood pressure up after the first surgery, which is why they had me sign forms to agree to a transfusion and let them put in a central line. I don’t much love a central line, hurts like hell. My blood pressure was 50/20 so I learned omething new, you can be conscious with very low bp.

They did two more surgeries over the next two days to clean out the dead tissue. My stupid infected cyst had become necrotizing fasciitis. I spent the first week in icu on tons of drugs.

spelling, btw, is too hard.


8 thoughts on “it’s late”

  1. When my Dad was in the recovery room after his big surgery in Hawaii, the nurses asked him where he was, and he said “In the boot (trunk) of my wifes car”.

    They came out and asked my mother if he regularly travelled in the “boot” of the car.

    Not to worry about the spelling, we can interpret it. Really glad you are on the mend now, though!


  2. Yikes, a lot of bad things, at least hopefully they got that all out, and I hope your blood pressure is back to normal range, being conscious and being functional are two different things. Also yeah those laptop trackpads are crazy, though young people seem good at them, they never got intuitive for me. Spelling is overrated. I and mom am hoping you feel better soon.


  3. Things went from bad to worse, but are getting better. You are a TOUGH LADY to have blood pressure that low and be able to remember anything. (or even be conscious)


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