good morning

And its nice to see all of you, too. I see that there is a lot of confusion – can’t blame you for that. my typing time is limited so I will try to answer questions from yesterday on today’s post. no email an stuff for right now.

So what happened? Simple answer is that the cyst or abscess that I thought was infected, was. I’m not sure I can ever return to my new local doctor.

At least she sent me to the surgeon. I did not realize how sick I was. I lay kind of fuzzily in a shadowy exam room while brightly colored medical equipment came to life.

Okay, let’s try this again. That first part was written on Saturday. Sunday went by in a haze and yesterday, the computer ate what I wrote.

So we went to see the surgeon and while I was waiting for him, brightly colored medical equipment came to life around me. I may have been a little sicker than I knew.

Fast forward to surgeries, tansfusions and waking up in icu. One step at a time.


9 thoughts on “good morning”

  1. Good morning! Good to see you here. Sorry you don’t have email since I did manage to get an Amazon gift card to you. Do you have access to Amazon? Wonder if they can find it for you. Keep getting better!


  2. I really hope you recover completely and soon. Also tell computer it can have some spam to eat later, no eating posts you are writing. Also hallucinations are sometimes amusing (or really scary) but usually not a good sign, hope they and the haze clears up too.


  3. Ditto what Margaret said. Hope to read more about your travails as soon as you feel up to writing. In the meantime, rest and recreate. Heal first, write later.


  4. Adding my voice to the chorus of “get wells.” It’s reassuring to see that you’re well enough to post even a brief update, but I look forward to the day — soon I hope — when you can fill us in with the full story.


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