Well, it’s been a week. I should tell you that I got out of the house on Saturday. My neighbor called to let me know that the roads had ruts, but were pretty clear. By the time I went out, they were almost completely clear. However, I sat in my car for a while trying to get the wipers and windshields to defrost. Wasn’t happening, the car was encased in ice. And it was just too slippery to walk around it.

It took me a while to realize I could just take Dad’s car that was safe in the carport. Sometimes I’m stupid. It was good to get out. I wasn’t really desperate for anything but I so wanted to get out of the house.

And then Monday – this cyst or abscess or whatever flared up again. I don’t want to get too graphic but I sit on the damn thing. This is not my first rodeo. These things flare, swell, break and drain and go away. And then sometimes they infect. And things can get nasty when they infect. When I was a young person I had a pilonidal cyst that gave me a massive systemic infection. Temps at 103°+. Long story and I’m too tired today. Tons of use of the backspace key.

I actually went to my doctor yesterday. I hate going to the doctor. She says it’s cellulitis but I think it’s just so swollen she can’t feel the core. But either way, I’m on really strong, nausea inducing antibiotics. When my fever is below around 100 I have the chills and when it gets around 101 I’m drenched in sweat. I feel awful.

It was funny, last night, I’m not thinking clearly. My temp had gone up to 102.4 again and I finally remembered I could take ibuprofen to bring it down. And it did go down overnight and I felt almost normal this morning. Then we started going up again. But I’m drinking diet 7-up with powerade drops in it for the electrolytes.

So wish me luck. I’m supposed to drive to Springfield on Friday to see my endo. It’s been since last May! I can’t cancel again yet I can’t drive unless this infection thing gives me a break.


6 thoughts on “101”

  1. Good luck! You deserve some with all of that going on. Did the doctor think your temperature spikes were from the cellulitis? I’m not a big fan of antibiotics, UNTIL you need them. And then they are little miracle pills. Sounds to me like you need them. Good luck on Friday. We’re supposed to get a little more snow tomorrow and although I generally love the winter, the cold and the snow, I’ve had quite enough and am ready for some spring flowers.


    1. Don’t you want to go to Margaret’s house where the tulips and everything are coming up? Friday is not looking good right now but who knows, a couple more doses of antibiotics may get the recovery started.


  2. It sounds painful and miserable; on top of that with a fever, you must feel like sh*t. I hope that the meds help and that you get better quickly because it sounds like you have THINGS to do. (and need to get out of the house) Daffs are already blooming, tulips are about a foot out of the ground.


    1. I love your flowers! Daffodils are my favorite. And yes, I feel like crap. Fever is down some tonight, though, so maybe I’m on the way to healing. See doc tomorrow so we’ll see what she says.


  3. Gracious! What a mess of symptoms and troubles. Meds are great when they work, but imho always take too long to work. Hope that by now you’re feeling better and a trip of Friday is doable.


    1. Well, it looks like I’m seeing a surgeon tomorrow instead. My neighbor seems to be out of town so I’m hoping to feel stable enough in the morning to drive myself. Bleah.


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