waiting for the snow to fall

mostly sleet

This weekend was slated to be our first real snow of the season. I can’t really complain considering we had been snowed in at least three or four times by this time last year. Maybe more. I guess it’s no longer the weekend and the current forecast has the majority of the snow starting after 3AM. They are predicting up to 7 inches tonight and another 1-2 inches tomorrow. But, the forecast started at 1/4 inch so I’m hoping that we end up more at that end. The problem is going to be that it’s supposed to stay at or below freezing until Friday so if we get much at all, we’re in for the long haul.

A couple hours ago sleet came down like crazy for a little while. It melted at first – after all, we were in the 50s and 60s all last week. But now there is clearly a layer of glittery ice. I moved Dad’s car back up into the carport today and got my mail and some groceries in case I’m stuck. I wish I’d filled my insulin last week. My neighbor usually parks on the upper level and walks down so I’m hoping she can go to the pharmacy for me if necessary.

I guess we will see in the morning whether I’m trapped for the week or not. If so, I will definitely have time to get to some of those projects around the house that I’ve fallen behind on again.


feb snow

Looks like between 3 and 4 inches to me. It must be fairly wet because it’s already compressing from what it looked like a few hours ago. The radar looks like this is pretty much the end of this snow although we have more predicted for today and tomorrow. For our friends to the east, it looks like this storm will stay south of around Indianapolis. Good luck to you!


4 thoughts on “waiting for the snow to fall”

  1. After a mild weekend, we are just now beginning to get inches of snow + sub-zero temps after that. I won’t complain because this has been an almost snow-free winter. I promise to stay warm and dry, if you do the same! 🙂


    1. That’s why I’m trying not to complain. I was almost prepared for this one but I am not as prepared as I was last year – gotten a little complacent with the lack of snow. Not sure how far north you are but I though your neck of the woods was getting slammed with snow.

      Warm and dry is my mantra!


  2. I’m hoping for little snow for you! I would hate the feeling of being trapped. Although I’m already concerned about water restrictions in the summer(30% of our normal mountain snow pack!) I’m enjoying a snow free and WARM winter. It’s been 60 and sunny the past few days. 🙂 Stay warm and safe!


    1. It’s interesting that our friends in the north and east are having a very snow laden winter and the three of us, scattered around the country, have had a pretty much dry season. Our flowers are lucky that they haven’t come up yet – I wish your tulips the best of luck.


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