kitty quickie

enjoying the sunshine
Enjoying the sunshine while winter takes a break.

Zoe is mad at me tonight. I made orange glazed spatchcocked chicken tonight (recipe to come soon, tomorrow if I have time). She got her share. She loves chicken in almost any form I make it. It’s really kind of funny to watch her excitement as I prepare it and then she can hardly contain herself while I eat my meal. But she always gets a little when I’m done.

However, I had just stripped the bones of the remaining chicken and I moved the pan to where I didn’t think she would bother it. I turned to wash my hands before collecting the bones to freeze for the next time I make stock. I turned around and found her with a leg bone – with part of the thigh bones still attached too – in her mouth making off across the counter.

Surprisingly, she dropped it when I told her to and I picked it up and rinsed it off. It’s still fine for stock.

Ah, the poor kitty faced with temptation. She stole a piece of bacon once when I was preparing to bake a pan of it. She didn’t get to keep that, either.

Actually, the funniest of my kitty-stealing-food stories was my old cat Chester. He once took a chicken breast (fortunately boneless) out of the pan while it was frying. It was obviously hot and he dropped it immediately — straight down to Fred who must have swallowed it virtually whole. I couldn’t even yell at him I was laughing so hard. Poor cat sitting on the counter staring at the dog who had just eaten his prize.


6 thoughts on “kitty quickie”

  1. I love that kitty photo! 😉

    My grumpy kitty is presently licking a lot of cheesecake plates, because I have been perfecting one. 🙂 Well, it has taken me 4 to get it where I want it, and two of those I took to dinner parties.. 🙂


    1. You know, Zoe is not that into sweet. She would probably enjoy a bit of the cheesecake. Good luck to you with the cheesecake. I like a nice dense, New York style cake. Junior’s already perfected that recipe for me. 🙂


  2. That’s a hilarious story about Chester and Fred. I can see why laughter won out over discipline.

    The photo of the cats in the sun is lovely. I’m a sucker for kitties in the sunshine.


    1. They make me want to curl up with them in the sunshine. But not perhaps on the floor. I need a chair that catches the sunshine.


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