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I’ve been going to write. Nearly every day, I think about writing. And then I don’t. Most often, writing time is taken up with napping time lately. Some say that it’s stress and that could well be. But it’s not the first time I’ve struggled with motivation to get stuff done. I have been trying to cook some, but nothing new. I’m still making old recipes so I can take pictures for Chickens and Eggs. It is nice to make some old favorites.

This past week, awake time was spent with death paperwork. I filed Mom’s death certificate with one of the banks and finally got them to drill the safe deposit box. Only took a year. As I expected, original copies of their wills and funeral packages as well as their birth certificates were in there. No real surprises. I may open a safe deposit box in my name to store that stuff again though I’m not sure I really feel like any of it needs to be in there. If there was a fire, I suppose, it’d be nice to have important papers stored somewhere safe.

I’ve contacted Mom’s life insurance company. It’s a small policy and I have the paperwork to do to make the claim. I have a ton of copying to do. I have to go to Branson on Tuesday and I’m hoping that there is a copy place there. Her long term care insurance requires the same paperwork in order to pay out the final payment for her last month in the nursing home. And I’ve contacted their attorney to find out if there is anything else I need to do.

Oh, and I have the main bank. That bank has been easier to work with than the small local bank. Small local bank wants Dad’s signature and doesn’t seem to understand that I’m the POA because he can’t legally sign financial paperwork, etc. I never realized how much there was to do.

The kitties are enjoying our warming blanket. Sometimes they snuggle together, but more often they lay on opposite sides of the bed. This means they are either forced to share one half of the bed or they fight and one pushes the other off when I go to bed. I think they would prefer if I slept on the sofa.

They’ve been driving me insane on their eating again. We would only eat chicken. We didn’t like turkey or fish or anything else. In fact, we only liked chicken with gravy. Well, now we hate gravy. We really want fish. Some chicken is okay, but we’d rather have fish. But only certain fish. We like tuna. We like whitefish. We don’t like salmon. We really don’t like salmon. We don’t like “seafood.” We don’t like shrimp. We sometimes like fish mixed with chicken. You know, so long as it doesn’t have gravy. Oh, and don’t think you can fool us and serve us the same thing two meals in a row. We already ate that today. We won’t eat it again.

Gallagher used to do a bit on cat food. He says that they can’t read – but they can compare. And when they notice you have too many of one kind of cat food, that’s the kind they won’t eat anymore. Anyone want me to send them some chicken with gravy?


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  1. I am sure this is a frustrating and difficult time for you . Take it one day at a time . Your doing an amazing job . Hugs to you !


  2. I could have written the cat food paragraph, because we totally live that here! – but nowhere near as beautifully as you wrote it. 🙂 They would decline your chicken with gravy, at the moment..

    We buy cat food in bulk, four varieties of 24 cans from the local pet food store. Right now all they want to eat is a special kidney friendly kibble which we buy from the vet for the older cat, but we’ve run out, it is a public holiday today so I could not get more, and they’re going to have to eat the wet food until tomorrow. But no.

    They want human tinned tuna. They saw the chooks get that as a treat yesterday so why weren’t they give any? WTF humans? The Other Half caved a little while ago and gave them a tuna tin, and after they ate that they both came to sit with me and act all superior.

    We’ve had family visiting, and next week my chinese Aunt – I got one as a surprise a while back – is having her daughter and his husband arrive, so I’m going to take them to all the tourist places which will be kinda fun. 🙂


    1. Cats! I know they do it to torment us. Zoe might eat the human tuna – then either never eat it again or possibly refuse to eat anything else for a while. Charlie doesn’t like human food at all. When Zoe was eating nothing but poached chicken, Charlie wouldn’t touch it and insisted, at that time, his former favorite chicken souffle. I think I’ve given up buying in bulk.

      Have fun touristing!


  3. Mari has special food that I get at a feed store; it is salmon and venison crunchy food. She doesn’t ever seem to get tired of it! 🙂 I got a bit of PTSD reading about the death paperwork and all the stuff that one has to do when a loved one dies. Patt had it all organized for me, but STILL. It was a stressful and seemingly endless list with some very unhelpful people along the way!


    1. I thought about you as I was writing this. It took a while to even be able to make the calls, start the paperwork. My parents did much of the planning for their deaths but I just didn’t know all the stuff you have to do. It will be worse when Dad dies which is why I want to get the things here organized for auctions or sales.

      I wish the kids would eat one food and be happy with it. Probably my fault for giving into them.


  4. I’ve done the executrix thing and it wore me down. So much detail and so many people to deal with who may, or may not, be helpful. Best of luck with it. Slow and steady, eh?


    1. I’ve a feeling that Mom’s estate is much more simple than Dad’s will be. They owned everything jointly and each is the beneficiary of the other. My biggest concern with Dad is being able to pay for stuff while probate or whatever goes on. As you say, many people to deal with and I’m hoping the bank will have an idea.

      I’m glad that there doesn’t seem to be a rush to get everything done. Slow and steady indeed. I got my copies made today and I hope to have the rest of the paperwork done by the end of the week. If not, I’ll finish it up next week.


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