’tis the season

I almost let the day slip away without a post for NaBloPoMo! Considering that we’re down to the last few days, that would be a shame.

I spent most of today asleep. I was awake every couple hours. Sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes for an hour or so. But I kept getting dragged back down into sleep. I just woke up again and had the realization that it was almost 11:00 and no post.

I used to decorate right after Thanksgiving. My favorite ornaments are still packed away. I could get out the cheap balls I bought a few years back.

Christmas 2011

I could do the mooses and fishes of last year.

Christmas 2013

Hey, I could go up to the storage unit and get my boxes of ornaments from there. That’d be kind of fun. I have big plans and no energy. But I also have almost a month to get things done.


3 thoughts on “’tis the season”

  1. I had little energy today either; the yucky weather sapped it out of me. (plus all the cleaning up from yesterday) I did do some decorating, although nothing that required pulling down the boxes out of the garage. I still haven’t made a decision on the tree, although Ashley says she would like some kind of tree, even a rosemary one. So, I’ll look harder for something appropriate and meaningful.


    1. Even a small, pre-decorated tree is nice. A little touch of the holidays without much effort. I have one I made for Mom tucked away. Haven’t decided whether I will take Dad his little aluminum tree. Will he enjoy it or will it confuse and upset him? I’d love to find a rosemary tree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one down here!


  2. We’re decorating this weekend! We’ve got a wooden advent calendar with drawers that you put chocolates in so we’ll get that out ready for Monday. The small boy won’t let that one pass. I remember your photos from last year, your home looks cosy and pretty. I love those little fibre optic Christmas trees that you just ping out and their branches are all lit up. Ours is a fake tree but maybe next year we’ll have a real one for a change. I got all our decorations from Woolworths just before it went bust, so they are sentimental as well as pretty. I did love Woollies, such a loss on our high street.


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