warmth is coming


Remember when the kids used to happily share the electric blanket throw? You should see them try to “share” the heating pad that Zoe loves. It’s a lot more “shove the other one off till you cause a fight” than “share.”

I tried to order a new one through Amazon. I wanted to get a better electric blanket, one that might last longer. And I got a message that it couldn’t be shipped to my PO Box and it couldn’t be shipped to my house. I keep running into this lately. What the hell Amazon. If you don’t want me to order your product, let me know up front.

But I’ve decided to order a twin size anyway. It will stretch across the bottom of the bed with plenty of room for the cats and will keep my feed warm enough without cooking the rest of me. Warmth is on the way and the furnace can stay turned down where it doesn’t freak out as often.


2 thoughts on “warmth is coming”

    1. I don’t really need an electric blanket – it’s an indulgence. And the cats love them. I have a Wyoming weight down comforter that I’ve never used a lot down here. Perhaps since I’m keeping the thermostat lower I will get it out in a few weeks. It is very snuggly. Hadn’t thought about that. 🙂


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