day 21 and it’s not midnight yet

Yes, another day of a nothing post. Well, not entirely nothing. I spent a couple hours making another recipe – well two recipes – from the past in order to update it with a photograph. And to enjoy my julköttbullar and kokt potatisgratäng.

swedish meatballs and escalloped potatoes

Yes, those are Swedish meatballs – served with cranberry sauce (since I have no lingonberries) and escalloped potatoes. None of the Swedish meatball recipes that I found had the brown sour cream sauce you see around here. Not that there is anything wrong with that sauce but the tartness of the cranberries works very well. The meatballs themselves have a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom in them. And my cranberry sauce is heavy on the fresh ginger this year. Delicious!

And that’s it for today. Only nine days left in NaBloPoMo.


4 thoughts on “day 21 and it’s not midnight yet”

    1. Amazing how much time some cooking takes! I just made rolls and cooked the rest of the meatball mixture into Italian balls. I cheated and pulled off some to spice for Swedish meatballs and spiced the rest for Italian. Those will get frozen for spaghetti nights. And tonight I’ll be having a meatball sandwich for dinner. I like to cook extra so that I can have several meals from whatever I’m making. Soonish I plan to make a pot roast which will get turned into beef stew on another night. If it’s big enough, it might be barbecued beef as well.


    1. I was never a big fan of meatballs, but all I had really eaten were my mom’s which were not great. Mom was a fabulous cook with a few exceptions. Now I use them a lot when I want meat with my spaghetti. I make a vegetarian sauce then can add meatballs if I want.


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