looking up at the sky, searching for inspiration

blue blue sky

That was a day with a beautiful blue sky. Today it is gray and cloudy and cold. You’d think it was November or something. A front is moving in and I’m grumpy and achey. They are predicting snow this weekend. Often, at least around here, that’s wishful thinking on the forecaster’s part. No one wants to be the meteorologist who didn’t predict the first snow of the year. I’m not ready for snow.

At least I think the upstairs heat pump has been fixed. Nothing else on the list from three or four weeks ago when Dusty came to check out the problems has been fixed. These are usually great guys but I’m frustrated. Supposedly he came by after his mother told him to get back here (after I got a bill saying the work had all been done) and knocked but no one answered. I’ve been trapped here, waiting to hear that he was coming to finish the work.


Is it obvious that I really don’t have anything to say today? I’m going to have to go back to that list of suggestions or prompts. None of them are really inspiring me right now.


4 thoughts on “looking up at the sky, searching for inspiration”

  1. It’s been beautiful but SO cold and windy! Power outages, school cancellations–not in my district though. They are talking about snow for tomorrow; I’ll believe it when I see it!!


    1. That blue sky was like 2 weeks ago – the temperatures were over 80. Now? The high was around 36 today. I’m not ready for winter though I do have plans to get ready.

      Power outages from the winds? And snow? Up there? I know you can get some but it seems a bit early.


  2. I like to see photos of blue sky. Yours is especially vivid, contrasted against the gold leaves. As for winter already… not sure that I’m ready for it either. And like you, I’m waiting for repairs to be done. ‘Tis always something.


    1. I kind of miss renting when I am faced with trying to get stuff fixed. The furnace downstairs is behaving badly again. The last time Gene looked at it he basically told me I was crazy. We will try again.

      I liked the contrast of that shot, too. And the sky was so very, very blue that day. Thank you.


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