Happy Wednesday.


The seasons are definitely changing now. It amazes me how fast it happens. One day it’s still 80° and the next I’m trying to remember to disconnect the outside hose before we get a hard freeze. The leaves are coming down by the bushel. Yesterday’s rain certainly brought down a bunch more. We have some yellows, oranges and golds, but the dry summer has had a lot of the leaves going straight to boring brown.

One of the funny things about the changing of the seasons is how cold our cold water gets so quickly. We have well water and even though it’s coming up from who knows how deep, it gets lukewarm over the summer. We haven’t even had a freeze yet but it’s nice and cool again. I suppose the warmth is from the water sitting up in the ummm thing the water sits in at the well and running through the pipes. When they turn the water off for maintenance, our house at the bottom of the hill almost always has water all day. Still, you wouldn’t expect it to be so cool already.

[aside] I miss the water we had in Cody. Mountain run off water. It was amazingly crisp and clean and ice cold even all summer long. We have okay water here. It’s a little harder than I like but better than some places I’ve lived. But nothing will ever compare to our water in Cody. [/aside]

It’s also the season for fall treats. There’s plenty of pumpkin spice out there but autumn is also, at least to me, a time for cinnamon. Think candied apples! I made these terrific crispy rice treats for Halloween. In my mind, I made this recipe up myself. It’s based on a candied cinnamon popcorn recipe. And it’s delicious!

red hot crispy rice treats

Recipe at Chickens and Eggs.


4 thoughts on “seasons”

  1. I lived in a house with well water at one point in my life. Now that you mention it, the water was amazingly cold. Not at all like the city water that we have here now. Interesting observation on your part.


    1. I never noticed it before this year. And it was really in just a matter of days that we went from lukewarm to beautifully cool water.


  2. I don’t notice much of a difference where I live. But I remember visiting my grandparents in Roslyn, WA(a small town at the base of the Cascades) and how amazing their water was. I don’t even like water that much! Our leaves are finally turning. We had another mild fall, but now the rains and some cooler temps are coming in.


    1. You’re more moderate temperatures overall, aren’t you? I mean, I know you have hot weather and you have cold weather but the in between is the bigger part of the year? I’m loving the cooler weather but winter is coming. Everyone I talk to down here is expecting lots of snow.


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