Just a quiet day here. In the rain. Overall, I like the rain and I don’t mind a quiet day. The rain and the quiet feel sad today. And the sadness feels lonely.

rainy day

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” – J.K. Rowling.


7 thoughts on “tuesday”

  1. That’s a beautiful picture. I also love the rain. But I also understand why it brings on feelings of sadness. Well, I don’t actually mean I understand it; I should have said I have the same feelings, but I don’t really understand why. Just like I don’t fully understand why a bright sunny day can make me briefly happy. I mean why? It’s just a change in the color of the sky, and a little nourishment for the trees and other living things. As always, your posts make me think.


  2. I often enjoy rainy days more than sunny ones. Life is in softer focus when it rains which I like. But like you, I find that it can be easy to drift away into sad thoughts on rainy days. Life is a balance, isn’t it?


  3. That’s three of us who at least sometimes love the rainy day. I think most of us also have the occasional sad, rainy day. Rainy days can be relaxing for me. They can be days I get a lot done. Sometimes they are sad. Balance indeed.

    I’m trying to just acknowledge the feelings. Sit with them if needed. And then move on.


  4. I prefer rainy days that I don’t have to go out in. (especially at 6:50 a.m. when it’s also dark) But being a Washingtonian, I have found beauty, and calm in the sound and sight of the rain, falling on the plants and grass. (as well as everything else, like my HEAD) 🙂


    1. I sometimes really love a rainy day, especially if I don’t need to go out in it. I love a good thunderstorm, though the cats don’t seem to like them much. Living on the bottom level, I don’t get much of the sound of rain. When I was a kid, I loved going out dancing the rain.

      Something I miss that you may get plenty of is going for a walk in the fog. You know, the kind of fog that makes you feel that you might be the last person on earth. It’s supposed to be foggy here tomorrow morning so we shall see.


        1. I used to love walking around campus in the fog. Little chance of a car getting me on the quad. I’m much less thrilled about driving in the fog.


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