slow roasted sticky weekends

Actually, the weather is cool and the humidity is low. I never get everything I want to do done over the weekends, but I did make a Slow Roasted Sticky Chicken, which is my favorite way to roast a chicken. I make them fairly regularly, so why have I waited this long to photograph one?

slow roasted sticky chicken

I’m not a chef but I like to cook and I like to share recipes with friends. Some recipes are a hard sell, like this chicken. Roast a chicken for five hours at 250°F? People just think it’s crazy. But look at that bird. Crispy, sticky skin. Moist, tender and flavorful meat. You just can’t make a better chicken. The high heat method can work, I know people who love it. But this chicken is just seriously the best I’ve made. And you can use the same method to make a turkey or to make game hens. The baby hens take about an hour and a half and the turkey may take seven or eight hours. I once slow roasted a turkey while I was at work and I had every stray cat in the neighborhood on my doorstep when I got home.

I put it on at lunch, by the way, and it was ready for basting when I got home. A couple more hours and dinner was served.

This little project to update old recipes has set me to thinking. I’m not the world’s best recipe writer and my photography? Well, it’s usually in focus. I can’t stage photos for nothin’. I keep saying I’m going to set up a space where I can play around with photos and make them pretty. Most of my stuff that I would use in staging is packed away. Someday. In the meantime, a snapshot or two is what I have. I am totally fed up with food bloggers that post photo after photo after photo – all essentially the same – and make you page down for a week and a half ’til you finally find the recipe. Still, they’re pretty.

Why should people listen to me? The same reason that my mom has handwritten pickle recipes from her friend Mildred tucked in her recipe books. We share. We’re technologically more advanced these days but it’s all just tucking your friend’s recipe in your own book, real or virtual. You can pin the recipe on Pinterest or print it out (and I need to fix my print feature, by the way) or just bookmark it for future reference. Mildred wasn’t a chef either but she made a mean pickle.

This is what blogging is about for me. We share ideas or stories or photos or recipes. We get to know people all around the world and maybe they connect to our feelings of depression or love of cooking or books and stories. It’s why I’m doing NaBloPoMo this year. It’s why I keep writing even when I write very little and why I keep reading.

Thank you for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “slow roasted sticky weekends”

  1. I wish we lived closer because you love to cook amazing recipes and I love to eat, but am an indifferent cook. We could be a great pair; I would make a fantastic taste tester!! 🙂


    1. Thank you Margaret. That would be fun. I haven’t cooked much for someone else in a long time. I wouldn’t say I’m a great cook but I enjoy it and I’ve never killed anyone. 😀


  2. For about 6 months I’ve been cooking chickens in a crockpot. I don’t know what made me start…maybe reading something on your blog?? Or possibly it was my way of trying to duplicate the Peruvian chicken that is sold everywhere in the Washington, DC, area. If I put the chicken under a broiler for about 10 minutes after it’s fully cooked I can get a bit of crispy skin but not as much as your bird up there in the nice picture. In the summer I avoid turning on my oven. But now that the cooler weather is here I’m going to crank up that oven to 250, slide a bird in there, and attempt to duplicate your recipe.


    1. You know, I don’t even own a crock pot. I did but I only ever used it for onion soup. I never learned the knack of crock pot cooking though I periodically think that I really need to buy one. I hope the chicken works out well for you.


  3. I think that you hit the nail on the head with why many of us keep a blog. Sharing and understanding are universal goals. Well said. Plus the chicken photo looks good to me– both the composition of the photo and the chicken itself. Yum.


    1. It can be really hard to find those other people to share and understand with, especially for an introvert. Thank you for the compliment but you need to check out some fancy recipe blogs. I will have to remain satisfied with fairly decent snapshots. 🙂


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