happy kitty sunday

It was one of those weeks, you know? Do you ever have irritable times when you find yourself yelling at the cats for being cats and everything else just seems to piss you off? For no reason, really.

Zoe and Charlie’s favorite thing to do – and the thing sure to irritate the hell out of me if I’m in a bad mood – is to walk in front of me. Slowly. And to sit down casually to wash a paw or stretch out leisurely. You know, like a cat. And frogs forbid if one of them gets bumped by my walker. I am the most evil cat mom in the world. Do you know, that I nearly always walk down my hall softly chanting “beep beep”?

Beep beep. Beep beep.

But even on those days, we have compensation. Zoe cuddling with me for a nap. Or sitting on my mouse demanding head rubs. Charlie snuggled up next to me waiting anxiously for me to wake up. At least he doesn’t actually wake me up lately. Watching them chase their mice around or stretched out together in the afternoon sun. Those are the parts of them acting like cats that I enjoy.

And they make me laugh as much as they frustrate me with their picky eating. And picky they are. Favorite foods are no longer desirable. I’ve given up. I make them eat healthy crunchy food and they make me serve them Fancy Feast. Life is about balance, right? Yesterday, fresh crunchies came from wag.com and they gorged themselves. They ate so much they were almost 3 hours late to bug me for dinner. I probably can’t count on this brand of crunchy food will remain favored, but I said I gave up, right? They are being forced to give in some too. They actually like two brands of crunchies and prefer that they be mixed together.

I am such a sucker.

You remember those bad cat mom feelings? I buy two brands of crunchy food and mix them together. Who else is that crazy?

feeding station

Feeding time at Chez Zaz. Those bowls have the exact same food in them and they will fight over them. Depending on the day, the food on the left is better. Same stuff on the right. Or they’ll switch bowls midway through their canned food.


4 thoughts on “happy kitty sunday”

  1. I have to feed Mari some expensive wild food, all natural crunchy. (according to Alison) So, I have to go to the local feed store to get it. She does like it though. Mari would prefer to never drink out of a water bowl, which is tedious. She insists on drinking from the faucet in the kitchen! Also she doesn’t understand that I don’t want to get up at 5:30 on the weekends. What a cat! She does love to be petted and snuggles on my lap all the time, but sometimes she is TOO needy.


    1. Zoe can’t eat corn, wheat or soy. Charlie can’t eat beef. We’ve been through a bunch of food trying to find one they will both eat.

      Stasia would only drink from the bathroom faucet. I bought her one of those kitty fountains, thinking that she’d like the running water constantly available. And of course, she hated it.



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