Happy Tuesday.

My hard drive crashed yesterday. I’m typing with one finger on my kindle. I hate typing on this thing but at least I’m not totally cut off from my beloved internet.

I was reading my rss feed with hulu on in the background when shockwave crashed and then, without warning or funky grinding sounds or anything I was in the middle of a crash dump. Whatever that is. The computer insisted on the recovery disc to boot but then said I had no drive to install Windows on. No recovery point could be found. And most frightening of all, the system diagnostics said I have no hard drive.

I think that’s bad.

It’s going to be at least a couple days to get the thing fixed. If there is still someone local, that is. If I have to go to Springfield, it might take forever.

If I didn’t catch all the stupid auto corrects, that’s too bad. How the hell do kids do this?


7 thoughts on “crash”

  1. Like you, I’m not sure but I think that “no hard drive” cannot be a good thing. Just a hunch.

    I’ve never tried to type on a Kindle, so I give you credit for doing so. Thanks for letting us know what’s going on. When a bloggy friend disappears without explanation, I worry.


  2. If I had to blog on my tablet, my posts would be short with no photos. I have trouble with that virtual keyboard. I love my desk top, but it’s old and waiting to do to me what your computer just did. Wahh!


    1. Short with no photos. That’s me. And minimal numbers and punctuation.

      I’m glad that carbonite has backed up all my files. Or most. I didn’t back up movies. It should be a matter of getting a new hard drive reinstalling everything and downloading. 37,000 files. Sigh.


  3. So sorry! I get quite agitated when either of my two Internet portals (one PC and one laptop — no smartphone for me yet) goes dark. A missing hard drive sounds bad. You asked, rhetorically possibly, “how the hell do the kids do it?” The kids I know, many of them at least, use Macs. I rarely hear of a Mac user losing everything in a fatal crash. (Or maybe they just don’t talk about it…they ARE quite haughty about how superior Macs are compared to PCs.)
    Good job on typing that on a Kindle! You are a woman of great patience.


    1. Actually, I meant how do they type on these tiny virtual keyboards. And worse, on a phone. No wonder they spell so screwy.


  4. I decided to replace my hard drive myself after talking to a computer guy who wanted $300 to do it but tried to convince me to replace the whole tower with a cheap stock tower. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to have a whole new tower but a cheap tower isn’t going to work for me since I game and do other graphic intense things.

    There is actually a video on YouTube that shows how to change out my specific hard drive. It really seems to make sense to spend less than $100 now and do it myself then upgrade when I can afford that.

    I have the Windows disc and the drivers disc. I look forward to updating everything and reinstalling everything else. And I guess I need to start saving for a new tower.


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