cape fair fall

I am longing for autumn. It’s been upwards of 100° for the past couple weeks and actually above 100° the past couple days. It’s August, what do I expect? But it was not hot when it was supposed to be hot in late July and early August. I hope September brings us cooler weather.

It has been stressful as I’ve tried to prepare for surgery tomorrow. I did not get to everything I wanted to get done, but enough that I can relax and recover. My neighbor told me yesterday that she didn’t think she could drive me and suggested I drive myself and they’d come drive me home on Thursday. I agreed because I just don’t want to stress her any more than she is, but I figured I was going to have to reschedule because I’m just not certain I’m capable of driving myself in the early morning with the amount of pain and lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing. But I decided to wait to decide and she came over today and said she wants to drive me. We’ll see in the morning. I don’t have to leave until 8 AM (yay!) so it’s possible that if she doesn’t feel up to driving me I can try driving myself. My biggest concern is that lately my right foot gets really painful when I try to drive any distance. We’ll see. I have told her repeatedly that if she can’t do it and I decide to reschedule it won’t be the end of the world.

And I’m leaving you with a fun link for the logophiles among us. 25 words for other words.


2 thoughts on “countdown”

  1. I hope the surgery was a go and that it accomplishes what you are looking for!! I don’t think(in my case) postponing the inevitable would be good for my mental state. Once I’m ready to do something, I want to get it over with. Hugs to you. Hope you’re feeling OK.


    1. Thank you Margaret. For the record, I postponed the inevitable almost two years? I really should have done this when I had the port fixed. I just wanted to believe that I could fix things myself.

      I’m home, sore and safe. The people at the hospital were pretty much all great. The hospital itself was a total screw up. For a change, I plan to fill out the questionnaire when they send it to me. I plan to rant.


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